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The little beach where I live in Mexico is a surf town. Surfers travel here from all over the world to enjoy the waves. People come here, get seduced by the beauty and the freedom-loving community and then never leave.

To be here is to be immersed in a surf vibe. It’s unavoidable. Which I suppose is probably not a coincidence that I ended up here since I’m totally attracted to surfers.

God they are so hot! Melt. Sigh.

Is it just me, or are surfers universally hot?

There are so many things that I love about surfers:

  • They are daring, because they engage with the power of the wild, ocean. The waves are powerful.
  • They know how to be relaxed. (ok…perhaps sometimes enhanced by plant medicine)
  • They value nature, wildness, free-spiritedness, personal health, well-being, love and good vibes above things like money-making and other conditioned societal pressures. They are non-conformists and rebels.
  • They value flow. This whole town is filled with people who go with the flow, and the most magical things transpire all the time, everyday.

And the thing I’m currently appreciating most about surfers is this:

They are stoked.

One of my surfer friends has been educating me about ‘Stokedness’ (said in adorable Spanish accent). There are levels or degrees of ‘stokedness’.

How stoked are you?

Stokedness applies to every area of your life. How stoked are you in your work? How 

stoked are you about the person you’re relating to? How stoked are you about your daily activities?

Stokedness, to me has to do with a natural, child-like enthusiasm. It is an undeniable, consistent fuel for something. It’s a fire that burns and drives you to do things that you love. Stokedness turns everything into serious fun.

Too often in modern life and business the enthusiastic fires of stokedness are squashed by more ‘important’ things. Stokedness is seen as a frivilous and a luxury that few people (irresponsible and selfish ones) truly enjoy as a regular part of their everyday existence.

Stokedness applies for me in this way:

I have been ‘stoked’ about yoga for almost 20 years. I attended my first yoga class as a teenager and since then I have immersed myself in many different styles of yoga with many different teachers across all of North America.

My friends are yoga teachers. Everywhere I go, I find precious yoga hubs and make myself at home within them. Wherever I go, people I meet tell me “You are a yoga teacher.” They state it, not ask. And then, I tell them, that I am not.

I hadn’t really consciously thought about it until recently, but my level of stokedness for yoga has been consistently quite high. It has wavered in and out over the years, but overall it has never diminished below a 5 and has stayed with me.

So, why have I never become a teacher? One of the things I realized recently is that my stokedness for yoga has been squashed by my capitalistic conditioning.

Unconsciously I wanted to be ‘successful’ and to make money. And I also unconsciously took in the example of many of my yoga teacher friends who appeared to be strapped for cash. I didn’t want to be a poor yoga teacher.

Without even knowing it, I deprived myself of a natural stokedness that is an innate gift and drive out of social conditioning to make money and out of fear of being poor.

With the help of some coaching from my genius friend Sarah K Jones’ (I’ll have to officially introduce you to her work at some point because it’s SO POWERFUL), I realized that I was holding myself back from a natural, innate gift that I have with the body…with movement…dance and yoga. This is a sensualist part of me that I kept separate and segmented to my private life.

When I finally saw the conditioning and gave myself permission to break through it I registered for my Yoga Teacher Training felt like a giddy child! It released a sunshine explosion in my body of joy and bubbles.

“Yipeee!!!! I get to play! I AM SO STOKED!”

We all have stokedness. And I suspect that we all have stokedness that has been squashed.

I wonder how we can all access and honour our stokedness more of the time?

Anyways, all of this is to inform you that for the month of March, I am going to a Yoga Teacher Training in the jungle of Guatemala, completely off the grid. No internet. Solar-powered. Permaculture haven. It’s held at Lake Atitlan which is a beautiful lake surrounded by active volcanoes.

Apparently it’s a total hippy-hub. So I get the sense that I will be initiated into a whole new level of hippy-dom. I’m ready for that. My free-spirited Sensualist Self is blooming.

I sense that the transformation that is awaiting me through this training and then what comes of it is significant for me…and I’m really stoked about it.

I hope that my example can inspire you to stoke the flames of your own joy even more. I love you. And I love you even more when you are stoked.

I should add, that it’s not healthy to put pressure on yourself to be stoked when you’re not…that’s also a part of life. But when you do have the blessing to get stoked, I hope that you pay attention, tend the flames and give your stokedness the investment of your time, your money and energy that it really deserves.

Stokedness matters.

Love ya, Karen

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