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Recently I got together with Elicia Miller, the Founder of Core Emotional Healing, for a healing interview about how to discover the root cause of your symptoms.

I have been personally working with Elicia Miller’s Core Emotional Healing process for the past 2 months and experiencing really powerful shifts in ALL areas of my life.

By addressing the root cause of a systemic candida infection that I was experiencing, I have not only released all of the physical symptoms, but I have started to root out co-dependency in my relationships and begun taking care of myself in ways that I have never known.  Tangible Self-Love…YES!

Her work is simple and PROFOUND.  Our interview was powerful and we covered a lot of ground. Cozy up with a blanket and a tea and feel free to email me about what you learned from this video. I would love to hear from you.

Also, I recommend checking out Elicia’s beautiful offerings, both free and paid. Links below.

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