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Pure Success – Free Yourself from the Hidden Egoic Driver Underlying your Flow Archetype.

Level 4 of the Flow Model is the Vice or Kryptonite that underlies your Flow Archetype. Another way to say this, is that there is a hidden egoic drive that operates as a dark-side to each Flow Archetype.

The good news about any vice/kryptonite is that the more we are aware of it, the less damaging it is to ourselves and others.

Pure success is a success free of the underlying motive of the egoic drivers. It arises when you have clearly seen and actively purified your self of the Egoic Drivers, so that your underlying motive is nothing more or less than allowing Life to flow through you, as it will.

Join me for a journey through the dark-side of all 6 Flow Archetypes…and how to re-emerge back into the light.

In this way, you become free to flow through all realms of love, sex, and genius without the harmful side-effects of the detrimental aspect of each archetype.