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By the end of this Blog Post will…

Get more Clients. 10 X your Business. Double you profits. Make 6-Figures in 60 days. 

Create a Million-Dollar business. Build your Dream Team. Get your Dream Home. Drive a Tesla. Go on your Dream Vacation with your Dream spouse.

You will Share your Mission with the Masses. Have more Speaking Gigs. Get Recognized. Enhance your Stage Presence.

Be Happier, be healthier. Be more blissful. Be more attractive.

You will BE more than you currently are. You will HAVE more than you currently have…that is my promise to you.

Just joking… you may not get the Tesla. ; )

We live in a culture of Excess. Everywhere we are being sold the idea that more is better. What IS isn’t enough.

The promise of MORE sells. The most Successful Business Mentors in the personal growth industry know this.

They may have started out on a mission to enlighten the world through meditation, selling acupuncture or providing transformational coaching but somewhere along the way they realized that wrapping their package in a promise of MORE would fill the seats, pay the bills…

and then it worked so well that it did double their profits, and then it funded their desire for MORE.

MORE really does sell well. Not only does the promise of MORE sell well, you can charge a lot more for more.

I have sold and bought Plenty of the promise of MORE.

I reached 6-figures within a few years of business by selling my Discover your Genius workshops from the stage…I got so good at it, that I began to teach my fellow luminaries how to market and sell from the stage.

I mastered the art of selling more…and I got more as a result.

By year 5 in business I had everything I thought I wanted… And most of the time I just wanted a glass of wine and to lie on the couch.

I was exhausted. Stressed. Worried. I had headaches…and I was so convinced that I was happy, I didn’t even realize the terrible price of MORE.

The price of getting the MORE that I wanted was I got LESS of what matters:

I had less joy. Less vitality. Less genuine peace of mind. I had built my own prison…and everything that I wanted was comfortably enclosing me in a suffocating, burdensome reality.

Until, I questioned MORE.

I entered into a radical experiment with the essential, with loss and letting go.

I sold all of my stuff…left my relationship, stopped all but the most essential business activities and moved to Mexico.

And I discovered an incredible freedom in losing MORE…in having less, doing less and being less of who I thought I should be.

And then, in returning to share my incredible life-changing, soul-freeing wisdom…I discovered that there really isn’t a great market for less!

Come work with me and have less, do less and be less of what you think you should be! The investment is…how much can I charge for less?

The Promise of More will continue to sell well because it’s what we want to hear and what we want to buy. It will keep being sold to us until we stop buying it.


We buy into the idea of having more than we currently have because we WANT more.

I want more clients. I want to make more money. I want radiant skin.

The verb ‘want’ has a built-in, implied, lack. In legal terms, want is used directly to express lack. “This case WANTS for evidence.” Try this

Try this biblical saying on for size: “The Lord is My Shepherd, I shall not WANT.”

You want for nothing. You lack nothing. Everything that is required and necessary for your full and true existence is provided, right here, right now in this moment.

If it’s not easily and readily being supplied to you in your current reality…then it’s not necessary!

When it’s necessary, it will be supplied.

You have enough…no matter what your bank account says. No matter what story your own mind tells you.

Lack is only a perceived lie. It is not the truth. The truth is there is not lack, there is only what is. And what is, is enough.

Most Business Owners are moved by lack. Their desire for more (and it’s corresponding lack) motivates and drives them to create. And underneath that is the discomfort of fear.

I know this because this is my experience.

Next time you are moved to do something…notice what’s driving you. And if it’s lack, don’t move.

Lack makes us want to move. It makes us want to get off of our seats and DO something about our current reality…

The last thing we want to do when we’re experiencing lack is sit still. Because it is so uncomfortable.

Let yourself sit in lack. Let the lack permeate you… let it take you over, until you realize that there is no lack. And then go forth!

Be still in lack.

You’re living, breathing, here…and it’s all working out. Existence is existing…without your effort and without your marketing strategy.

Enough is enough. Let’s stop buying MORE.

It starts here now.

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