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Welcome to the Flow Experiment

On-going inspiration to release Stress, burden and burn-out by staying in the flow of life

You are invited to participate in a sweet experiment with staying in the flow.

The Flow Experiment is a forum for Leaders who are done with being Type-A and want to live in flow in the realms of love, sex and genius. 

It’s a chance to receive on-going support to re-align so that your work (genius), your relationships (love), and your sensual aliveness (sex) are in the flow and you feel naturally energized, free and fulfilled (and eliminate the conditions for burn-out).

Over time you’ll be refining the way you work in the world, so that it’s designed to honour your sensual aliveness (sex) and your relationships (love). 

The resources provided in The Flow Experiment are designed to help Type A people to step out of cyclical burn-out into greater satisfaction, creativity and contribution.

Here’s the nutshell: This community operates on a simple structure, using a Facebook group as our homebase for on-going inspiration:

A Monthly Theme and Training, Guided Meditations, Movement Practices, Group Coaching via Zoom, Intuitively Inspired Content, Member and Guest interviews, networking and more.

Theme Training Content and Coaching take place on the 1st, 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month at noon PST.

Meditations, Movement Practices, additional Intuitively Inspired Content and interviews take place via FB lives in the group.

All components of the Flow Experiment are designed to bring you into alignment with the flow of Life. They will be experiential, body-centred, brain-stimulating, ridiculously fun and deeply intimate.

The 3rd week of each month will be content-free and reserved for integration/rest time.
You are invited to participate as much, or as little as is in the flow for you.


I have far greater confidence in my work and how to deliver it since working with Karen. In fact, through our time together I have discovered what I’d really love to do instead of doing what appears to be the right thing. I feel more excited to step into my own power to own my knowledge and skills.

I highly recommend working with Karen. If you are committed to your authenticity and want to find your unique voice, to give language and depth to your offerings, Karen will take you through a process of change to help you find a deeper truth. If you are frustrated, tired, or overwhelmed trying to find your message and get it heard Karen will through her genius process help you find your passion, your fire.

Leonie Blackwell

The flow experiment is for Type-a people who:

  • Have a tendency to over-work, push and force, get stressed out, be controlling and are probably spending too much time in their heads.
  • Are entering a new phase of their own life and work based on fulfilling a deeper purpose and surrendering to the flow of life.
  • Have experienced one or more burn-outs or health scares and are now ready to completely eliminate cyclical burn-out as a problem, by taking an integrated approach to living and working.
  • Are ready to veer off the trodden, proven, paths of success into the unknown territory of their own path of truth and alignment.
  • Embrace a body-centred approach to transformation.
  • Are not only willing, but enthusiastic to see the root causes of anything that is causing disharmony in their life and business. They understand that while it may be temporarily uncomfortable, the truth sets you free.
  • Want to move, play and generally have more fun.
  • Have a great sense of humour and enjoy laughing frequently!

    I chose to work with Karen because the triad of love-sex-genius really spoke to me.

    Before I started working with Karen, I didn’t feel as connected to my personal power. I’d hit a plateau. I felt something new was wanting to emerge in myself and my work. I had the strong sense that working with Karen would help that to happen.

    Overall, I’m now more in power, more certain of who I am. I would definitely recommend working with Karen if you’ve ever felt out of place in a cookie cutter world and want to find your own gifts, genius and power. 

    Sara Arey

    the Flow Experiment Uses the Following Structure to Keep you in Flow:

    element 1:  Monthly Theme and Training 

    FB Live Training 

    The First Wednesday of each month we will meet via FB Live to discover this month’s theme: one aspect of the 6 Levels of Love, Sex, Genius (detailed at the bottom of this page).  This content exploration will be experiential as I guide you through activities to reflect on what is required for you to come into flow. 

    When: First Wednesday of the Month at Noon PST. 

    Element 2: 2 Monthly Group Coaching Calls

    60 Minutes Via Zoom (Video Conferencing)
    Receive guidance from yourself, through guided processes to stay in the flow.

    Our group coaching calls use body-centered processes that everyone on the call can follow along with, so that everyone learns and grows in real time.    

    We use the Love, Sex, Genius model as an on-going method for self-awareness and as a process to engage to get back into flow.

    Calls include both the opportunity for direct 1-1 coaching from Karen to get unstuck and also inspiration from facilitated group processes.

    When: 2nd and 4th Wednesdays at Noon PST. 

    element 3: guided meditation 

    FB Live 

    Release the grip of the mind from holding you in patterns of fear, control, over-work and burn-out. The mind will convince you that these things are necessary and they’re not!

    Meditation helps to loosen the grip of the mind and to release mental/emotional patterns that keep us from being available to flow with life.  At least once a month, I will lead a short guided meditation that you can use as often as you like to release the grip of the mind.

    When: 1st Week of the Month

    Element 4: guided movement practices

    FB Live

    Embody your aliveness by getting into the flow in your body. Transmute tension patterns into liberated energy. 

    Movement practices include breathing, breath and movement and dancing. By the end, you’ll feel great. Everytime will be different. 
    When: 2nd Week of the Month

    Element 5: Intuitively Inspired Content

    FB Live

    Receive on-going inspiration to get out of your head, into your body and into the flow.  This content is designed to help you learn to trust life, instead of reverting to old patterns of fear and control.

    When: 4th week of the month and whenever else I get inspired to share!

    Element 6: Support Buddy

    Optional but recommended, I will intuitively pair you with a fellow leader from our membership with whom you are asked to meet regularly to provide each other with on-going support and attention in your exploration.

    You and your buddy will decide how often you’d like to connect. There are no rules about how your buddyship works, however, we suggest that you meet consistently at the same time (once a week, bi-monthly, monthly).

    You get to set the perimeters for what works for you and your life.

    The Investment:

    the flow experiment is $147 /month

    My work with Karen helped me get 100% aligned with my true values and purpose, and I’ve since been playing a bigger game and enjoying it more fully. I’m also making better decisions. Her work can be truly life-changing in the best of ways.
    Ryan Eliason

    Business Coach, Changemakers

    1-1 VIP Upgrade Package

    For those who need Some Customized Attention

    (3 spots available):

    If you sense that you’re on the cusp of a big change in the way you live or work, you may want to experience more support to bring you through to the other side. In the VIP Upgrade Package you get everything included as well as the additional 1-1 custom attention outlined below.

    At $2997 this means that you are receiving all of the support listed above for the tuition of my 1-1 intimate coaching.

    VIP Upgrade #1 – 6 Intimate 1-1 Sessions 

    We meet once or twice a month for intimate 1-1 sessions. These are 90 minute Zoom calls where we get to dive deeply into your inner world in the realms of love, sex, genius (whatever’s going on for you) and from there, to bring into the world your creative contributions.

    This is ideal for you if you are in a transition to building a new body of work and would like help with birthing new content, marketing and sales messaging.

    VIP Upgrade #2: Quick Access Hotline (4 months).

    Get quick feedback and support when you need it so that you stay in the flow between sessions.

    While you’re a VIP client, you’ll have access to me via a “quick response hotline” app called Voxer where you will be able to send me text or voice messages for issues where you need five minutes or less of help. I’ll aim to reply as soon as I can.

    The value of this is huge. I can often say in a short message the exact thing that you need to hear to get back into flow.

    Why stay stuck when you can be supported? Keep the transformation and progress happening between our calls.

    VIP Upgrade #3: Get my Writer’s Eye on an Unlimited amount of your Marketing and Sales Copy and your Program and Content outlines (4 months).

    While you are a VIP client, you’ll get my eye on an unlimited amount of your marketing and sales pieces, as well as your content creation for courses and webinars, so long as you put it in a google document and provide me with the link to edit.

    The aim of this support is for me to act as a guide and catalyst to hone your creativity when it matters.

    Google docs are brilliant editing formats and easy-to-use. If you need help setting one up, Erika -client care, will be happy to do so. 

    VIP Upgrade #4: Bonus Membership in the Flow Experiment (4 months).

    While you are a VIP client receive all the benefits of the Flow Experiment as a gift for choosing to work with me intimately.  This is a savings of almost $800. 

    The Investment for the VIP upgrade is $2997 USD.

    To apply for the VIP program starts with an application and a conversation to see if working together 1-1 is a fit for both of us. Click on the button below to book a 30 minute chat with me and fill in your application.

    Karen has the rare combo of leadership acumen + authentic spirituality. I highly recommend tapping her insights into your business!

    George Kao

    Authentic Marketing Coach

    Your level of flow in the realms of Love, Sex and Genius is going to have an impact on you on 6 Levels. In our content, we will experientially explore one of these themes per month.

    Month 1 – Level 1: Your Personal Satisfaction

    How much are you actually enjoying your relationships, work and personal vitality? We start by taking an honest assessment. When you are out of flow in any of the realms of love, sex or genius, you will feel out of balance and ‘off’. You will feel dissatisfied. 

    Month 2 – Level 2: Your Leadership Kryptonite

    Next, uncover your Leadership Vice and how to work with it so that it is no longer a blindspot.

    This is the shadow of your leadership that you are likely communicating and teaching through example…even more than your overt message. By bringing this to your awareness right away, you can begin to work with your shadow throughout the program.

    “What you are shouts so loudly at my ears that I cannot hear what you say.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

    Month 3 – Level 3: Your Lifestyle Key to Eliminating Burn-out

    Understand what is required for you to eliminate cyclical burn-out.  Your lifestyle key is your weakest point in the Love, Sex, Genius model, that will lead you out of your shadow and also prevent you from cyclical burn-out.

    Developing in this area creates a new possibility for how to live by prioritizing all three realms and calling on-going attention to every aspect of our lives. We end up producing the right amount, in the right time, without pressure.

    Month 4 – Level 4: Your Expression of Essence

    Discover more about the essential expression that you are here to BE. 

    Also, develop your expression of all 6 essential gifts of Leadership: the more we are able to express dynamically in all 6 of the realms, the more freedom, fun and impact we will have as a Leader.

    Month 5 – Level 5: Your Creative Flow

    Now, you’re really getting into the flow and creativity is ramping up. We begin to move into a state of surrender. How well are you expressing the creativity that most wants to move through you? 

    The realms of Love, Sex and Genius illuminate how the creative process works. When you are no longer in excess or stagnation in any of these realms you will be able to create with ease. You will be connected to how Life wants to flow through you.  Here’s how it looks in a flow diagram: 

    Month 6 -Level 6: The Flow of Life

    The most spiritual aspect of leadership is flow. Here we explore what it looks like to step into a new paradigm of living where you are accessing what the flow of life is asking of you, and surrendering to a power far greater than yourself. 

    Here, we are acting as an impersonal vessel for the expression of Life. We are directed by life itself, feel ourselves as a cell in the body of All-that-Is. We are doing our part, impersonally. 

    Come and Go as much as you please. Go with the flow..

    The way that you participate in this experiment is completely up to you. I’ve set the tuition at such a level, where I hope you will free to come and go and participate as much or as little as you see fit. 

    Either way, I’ll be there, providing on-going support and inspiration to keep you in the flow. 

    So that’s it!  

    I look forward to seeing you soon,

    With love,