A Weekly ‘Zoom’ gathering for people Who Want to get into Flow by accessing and expressing their truth.

It is time to catalyze a new definition of success.

The Flow Catalyst is an Intimate, Sensual, Expansive and Nurturing community for Type A Hippies (people who value contribution, quality and freedom). 

We meet weekly on Zoom (video conferencing) but you are free to come and go as suits your schedule and needs. It operates on a donation basis.

Our gatherings are a time, once a week, for you to center yourself in your body and from there, your truth. 

Accessing and expressing your truth is a tremendous relief and you will feel yourself lighter, more free and in the flow. 

Over time, accessing and expressing your truth naturally leads you to re-configure the way that you live on a day-to-day basis so that your outer conditions of work (genius), your relationships (love), and your sensual aliveness (sex) are more aligned with your dharma (true path).

The tangible results of our time together will be a honing in on and refinement of the way you live and express your work in the world, so that it’s designed to honour your sensual aliveness (sex) and your relationships (love).

For each gathering you will receive an email to my paypal where you are asked to make a financial contribution for participating. If you attend regularly, you can set up a monthly contribution. 

This circle is here for you, every week, when you need/want to be among other truth-tellers who are living into a new definition of success.

I can barely remember how stressed, anxious and overwhelmed I felt back before working with Karen. I was overwhelmed. I didn’t know what my genius was to focus and empower my work as a Naturopathic Doctor. I was stuck in constant striving, constant working, constant effort, constant struggle, constant fatigue. I was so busy being busy that I didn’t even know what value I offered anyone.

I loved working with Karen. She is an intimate, gentle yet strong and a catalyst.

I have far greater confidence in my work and how to deliver it since working with Karen. In fact, through our time together I have discovered what I’d really love to do instead of doing what appears to be the right thing. I feel more excited to step into my own power to own my knowledge and skills.

I highly recommend working with Karen. If you are committed to your authenticity and want to find your unique voice, to give language and depth to your offerings, Karen will take you through a process of change to help you find a deeper truth. If you are frustrated, tired, or overwhelmed trying to find your message and get it heard Karen will through her genius process help you find your passion, your fire.

Leonie Blackwell

Naturopathic Doctor and Founder of the Essence Of Healing Institute. , Human Design: Projector

The Love, Sex, Genius Flow Catalyst Weekly Circle is Simple. We meet every Sunday at 12 pm PST. Here’s how it Works:

Weeks 1, 2 and 4: Body-Centered Transformation Coaching Call

Forming the back-bone of this offering, our circle Zoom Body-Centred Transformation Coaching Calls are the cauldron within which creativity and transformation takes place. 

Our collective group culture fosters the following traits:

  1. Intimate Connection: We create a space where we can share and discover our most intimate truths.
  2. Sensuality: We discover our most intimate truths by practicing being in contact with our senses and through guided movement and breath.
  3. Expansion: We use our truth to expand into our true nature, true self-expression and true set-up for living.
  4. Nurturing: We nurture our truth with love and care.

First, Second and Fourth Sundays of the Month at 3 EST, 12 PST.

Week 3: Contribution Call

On the Contribution Call one member is given the spot-light to guide us in a transformative experience of their genius. 

Sharing their genius with the group also gives each member a deeper understanding of other’s gifts and naturally leads to networking, deepened connections and genuine opportunities.

This is your chance to contribute your genius in the circle and to receive the magic of other’s genius. 

Call Date: 3rd Sunday of the Month. 5 pm EST, 2 PST.

On-Going Facebook Group

Our facebook group is where you can get the on-going support and feedback from myself and the group. In between calls, this is where to go!

I would definitely recommend working with Karen if you’ve ever felt out of place in a cookie cutter world and want to find your own gifts, genius and power.

I chose to work with Karen because the triad of love-sex-genius really spoke to me.

Before I started working with Karen, I didn’t feel as connected to my personal power as I wanted to. I’d hit a plateau. I felt something new was wanting to emerge in myself and my work. I had the strong sense that working with Karen would help that to happen.

Working with Karen was great. I always left our calls feeling expanded, deeply seen and supported. Karen is laid-back and committed to going deep. She is professional, vulnerable and REAL. That’s a combination that works great for me! She also has integrity, joy and so much love!.

Overall, I’m now more in power, more certain of who I am. I would definitely recommend working with Karen if you’ve ever felt out of place in a cookie cutter world and want to find your own gifts, genius and power. I’m so very glad I took this opportunity to grow with you, Karen!

Sara Arey

Empowerment Coach and Author of "The Universe F#cking Loves Me.", Human Design: Reflector

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Karen McMullen’s The Flow Catalyst mentorship circle has given me a series of amazing “Aha” moments that have empowered me to gain significant ease and flow for a very high level of contribution my life and in my businesses. 

The movement-based coaching techniques combined with Karen’s amazingly intuitive mind creates a unique and profound personal coaching experience that has helped me extract my genius states.
Dr. Alan Chong

Chiropractor and Mastermind Mentor at High Profits Practice, Human Design: Manifesting Generator

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The Flow Catalyst is for people who:

  • Are on a path of mastery and are committed to living according to their inner truth.
  • Value and celebrate diversity and are actively interested in cultivating equity, social justice and inclusive spaces for people with societally marginalized identities.
  • Are really excited by the idea of being in “flow” in all three realms of Love (relationships), Sex (sensual aliveness) and Genius (Work).
  • Are ready to veer off the trodden, proven, paths of success into the unknown territory of their own path of truth.
  • Embrace a body-centred approach to transformation and are excited to practice sensual embodiment practices such as breathing and moving as a foundational part of our work together.
  • Are not only willing, but enthusiastic to see the root causes of anything that is causing disharmony and stagnancy in their life and business. They understand that while it may be temporarily uncomfortable, the truth sets you free.
  • Have a great sense of humour and enjoy laughing frequently!