Welcome to The Flow Catalyst.

Clear Agreements Make Things Flow. Please read our Terms of Engagement.


The Flow Catalyst mentorship circle is a safe, honouring space for people of all racial, ethnic, sexual orientations, genders, religious and political beliefs. Honouring one another’s diversity brings a richer tapestry to our community. As the leader of this community, I will do what is required to uphold an inclusive, safe and honouring space where people can really be themselves.

I am in the process of examining and de-constructing my own biases as a white, cis-gender, Canadian woman who was raised in a middle-upper class family. I realize that until now I have largely failed to create a diverse community that properly addresses inclusivity and really creates a open, welcoming and honouring space for people of all kinds.

With The Flow Catalyst, we are aiming to bring together people from all backgrounds, racial, sexual orientation, gender, ethnicity, religious and political beliefs. If something that I have done or said as a leader is not in alignment with that aim, please let me know so that I can evolve my behaviour and the format of the group to make it an even more safe and comfortable space where everyone can speak and explore their truth.

As a Flow Catalyst member, you are also expected to remain aware of your own biases, and to open to create a safe container for people of diverse backgrounds to be held in an honouring way in our group. Failure to do so may result in your immediate removal from the group. This is at my discretion.

Leadership Accountability/Feedback: I am highly aware as a leader, of occupying a position that is possible to abuse.  And that, most of my clients hold me in high esteem, which makes it especially difficult for them to let me know if something I’ve said or done has made them feel unsafe/uncomfortable or felt inappropriate.  If something I say or do ever has a negative impact on you, I want to know about it. It’s really important to me that you feel that you have the time and space to voice yourself.

Here’s how to do so:
1) Communicate with me Directly One-on-One.  I prefer that you not use our group setting to provide me with your feedback. Instead, you can communicate with me by emailing me at karen@liveyourgenius.com or setting up a 15-30 minute chat with me here: https://lovesexgenius.com/book-time-with-karen

2) Communicate with the Ombudsman, my Colleague, Peter Rubin:  If you feel uncomfortable to go to me directly, you are welcome to communicate with my friend and colleague Peter who has offered to step-up in the role of Ombudsman.  Peter is very well-trained in conscious communication, leadership and is a beautiful, sensitive, kind person with high-integrity. You can email him at peter@peterkrubin.com and let him know what is going on. He will be in touch with me so that we can address things appropriately between the three of us.

Generosity-Based Monthly Payments:

The Flow Catalyst is a Generosity-Based Program.This means that you are invited to give according to what makes sense for you right now in your life, and what you feel inspired to offer in exchange for the value you receiveConsider the value you have received and how much it is worth to you.

All the details of how to set this up are laid out on this page: www.lovesexgenius.com/tfc-give

Upon registration you will set-up an automatic monthly payment at a tuition of your choosing.

You can increase or decrease the monthly amount you contribute at anytime just by letting us know by email to karen@liveyourgenius.com.  We will cancel your current subscription and then you can set-up a new subscription at the new rate according to what works for you now.

Refunds: Important Reminder: Once a monthly payment has been made I do not offer refunds. This holds true under any and all circumstances.

Cancellation: You are free to cancel your participation in the Flow Catalyst at any time. Please let us know before the month begins.  I am also free to ask any member to step-down from the program at anytime.  I don’t imagine that this will ever happen and, if it does, you will be expected not to attend any further program calls that month. Your monthly recurring payment will be cancelled immediately.

Attendance: The Flow Catalyst is an intimate community of people who show-up for themselves and each-other and for the process of exploring our truth/flow.  To that end, it is important that you make a point to show-up for our weekly calls. At a minimum, I expect members to attend 2 of the 4 sessions per month.  It’s not a rule, but more of a desired expectation.  If low-attendance seems to be a theme for any member as an on-going habit, they may be asked to leave the program.

I also want you to feel free to miss calls when you need to…to go with the flow is the whole point.  Overall, the magic happens when you come to the calls, and we miss you when you are not there.

When I created the generosity-based program, I didn’t imagine that this would effect attendance, but I have observed that it does.  When people invest highly in something, they tend to make sure they show-up to get the value.  So, I am asking you to show up and commit to attending no matter how much you give financially.

Also, please know that you are expected to give your monthly amount even if you have a month where you don’t attend as much.  You are still occupying a seat in an intimate group.

Finally, please send me an email at karen@liveyourgenius.com to acknowledge that you have read and agree to honour these terms.  If you have any questions or concerns, I’d love to address them with you.



Thank you!