How $ Works for The Flow Catalyst

The Flow Catalyst is a Generosity-Based Program.

This means that you are invited to give according to your own generosity, what makes sense for you right now in your life, and what you feel inspired to offer in exchange for the value you receive.

“How much should I give?”

When considering an amount to give for The Flow Catalyst, I invite you to use your intuition, your mind and your heart.

A note to put the investment in context:  I consider the market value of this program, because of the high-level of intimacy and 1-1 attention, to be in the neighborhood of $3-400/month. 

Few Guidelines that May Guide your Decision:

  • Consider the value you are receiving and how much it is worth to you.
  • Consider your present circumstances and what makes sense for you right now.
  • Consider your intuitive sense.
  • And then, choose your number from the options below.  Don’t over-think it. Trust yourself.

The amounts below are in USD.

You can increase or decrease the monthly amount you contribute at anytime just by letting us know by email to  We will cancel your current subscription and then you can set-up a new subscription at the new rate according to what works for you now.

And finally, thank you. Thank you for participating in this form of exchange with me!

It’s a pleasure to give. It’s a pleasure to receive.

“From the moment I knew my Creator,

I  trusted my Provider.”

– Sufi Saying