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Sex. Love. Genius.

How are they related? What do they have in common?

I’ve been asking myself these questions consciously for the past several weeks…and I’ve been living these questions for years, without knowing it.

I sensed that sex, love, and genius were deeply related. And in the past 8 years of helping my clients to fully embody their Genius, I saw these realms impacting each other. Here are some examples:

I saw how a woman could be so inhibited in her Genius so as to be living like a mouse, only to blossom radically and naturally once she left her husband.

Or, highly successful business owners and visionaries 100% in their zone of Genius who, without the communion of intimate relationships, lived quietly with addictions.

Or, those contributing their genius and in loving relationships, but without any sexual heat, lacking the true creativity that makes their work and love life come alive! Their “creations” had the feel of stale cardboard to those who are truly alive.

Or women so absorbed in their loving and intimate relationships, but suffering from having no outlet for their unique expression.

Or like many who I witnessed at a standstill in all three realms, not fully loving, not fully sexual and not in their Genius…and that liberating one realm began to liberate the others.

But none of this mattered to me until I personally experienced the relationship between sex, love, and genius.

I probably didn’t mention this to you before (I didn’t mention it).

It was too personal to share until now. If you’ve known me for awhile, I know you’ve witnessed the changes in me, and I may have alluded to Human Design being the catalyst, but that’s only part of the story.

The deeper, more revealing truth is that at the time I encountered Human Design I experienced a radical sexual awakening.

This was an awakening that turned my world on it’s head – it resulted in a powerful re-alignment for me in all areas of my life: in the realms of sex, intimate relationships and my genius. Nothing was left untouched.

Picture an explosion that blows up everything unnatural, everything contrived, anything less than 100% alive and true….that is what it was like.

Prior to this awakening, I hadn’t realized it. but my sexual /sensual

self was dormant. I hadn’t been really turned on in years. I was so focused on my business that I didn’t have much juice for my sensual aliveness and intimate relationships.

But suddenly, 

through a series of events my sensual/sexual self was radically and dramatically awakened and I was experiencing way more aliveness.

I’ve had to make all kinds of adjustments in order to align myself with this powerful flow of energy, in every domain of my life.

Here’s a diagram I created to show the connections I’ve discovered…

When Love and Sex come into contact there is Communion.

When Sex and Genius come together there is Creativity.

When Genius and Love unite there is Contribution.

Communion leads to Creativity leads to Contribution…and then the cycle continues.

Commune. Create. Contribute. This is how things are born into the world. This is how we create. This is how we’re meant to be: in Flow.

When one is in flow in the 3 realms of Sex, Love, and Genius one is in their full-force creative POWER. One is taken over and operating from a state of flow, so sweet, so magical and so powerful.

That’s how I see it…we all have access to the flow of power that wants to run through us and have its way with us. In the realms of sex, love, and genius we can either be in the flow with this powerful Life-force energy or not.

When we are in flow we are running on an energy that is fueled and guided by Life itself. We are connected to all of Life. We are surrendered and moving through our relationships, our intimate encounters, and our genius as if they were all one thing (because they are all one thing).

There is nothing more natural or innate than being in this flow of energy.

We all intuitively know this.

We know when we’re in the flow. And we know when we’re not.

We may not know what to do about it…but we can definitely tell when our sex-life, our love-life or our expression of Genius are stagnant and inhibited.

So how do we access the flow of Power in these three realms of Sex, Love, and Genius?

The answer danced its way into my head the other morning…


The portal that transports someone into flow in these realms is Intimacy.

Sex, love, and genius are all deep acts of intimacy.

Intimacy is an act of self-surrender, a union with something far greater and more powerful than yourself. It’s the most powerful, life-altering act. It is a release of control and entry into communion with all of life. You no longer have the reigns. You’re not driving the car…you’re a passenger along for the ride. You’re surrendered.

This kind of intimacy is the thing we most want and we most fear. The self-knows that it won’t survive it…and so it inherently fears it. The self-thrives on no-flow. That is the state where it still maintains control.

But the sweet elixir or Intimacy in the realms of Sex, Love and Genius pays off in overflow for those who dare partake…aliveness. That’s the guarantee. You are guaranteed to come alive.

I help Type A Hippies to get into flow in all three realms of Love, Sex and Genius.

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