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The Sensual Awakening Webinar:

Magic belongs to those sensitive enough to perceive it.

On the webinar, I will be sharing:

  • my point of view on how to awaken your sensuality.
  • some experiential activities to deepen your sensitivity, get you into your body and hear your body’s intuition on the call.
  • An overview of all the details of the upcoming Sensual Awakening Retreat in Mexico, April 28-May 5.

Please register by entering your name and email on this page. We will send you all the details.

With love,

Sensual Awakening Webinar
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I made a decision to prioritize my sensual aliveness…

and this is what it has afforded me:

  • An intimate and almost-always present connection with my own spirituality and truth. My intuition is very tuned-in.
  • A body that is ever-increasing in sensitivity, aliveness, and even beauty. At the same time, my body is decreasing in tension and stress.
  • A balanced life where I no longer over-work as a way of life, and instead I enjoy plenty of deep-rest.
  • I met and live with the man of my dreams who cherishes me, treats me like a Queen and is a true life-partner for me in all ways.
  • A mind-blowingly electric, sweet, intimate and sacred sex-life beyond what I imagined possible.
  • A reliable connection with my own creativity that has me developing original, high-value content, my own style of yoga called “Unwind”, my own way of facilitating dance and my own creative projects.
  • A lifestyle where I live in Mexico, dance salsa, share yoga, eat fresh foods and spend plenty of time with friends and in nature.