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To be in tune with your body and tapped into a sensual power that makes you light up.

To EFFORTLESSLY follow your body’s intuition and watch the magic that has your path unfold with absolute Grace, Ease and Flow.

Yet, so many people are stuck in their heads feeling tense and disconnected from their sensuality.

They focus on their goals, sacrifice their aliveness and numb out from what their body is telling them.

Even some of the most powerful, beautiful and successful people I know, admit that they aren’t connected with their own bodies.

And the sad part is, that this keeps them from experiencing a level of ‘magic’ in life that is inexplicable.

The more sensitive I am to my own body, the more subtly aware I am.

The more subtle my awareness, the more I can follow my intuition, leading me on a magical path.

That kind of magic is simply invisible to those who aren’t in tune with their sensuality.

And it doesn’t have to be that way.

Which is why I combined my past decade of experience facilitating personal transformation with my unique embodiment practices of dance, yoga and meditation, to create an experience of Sensual Awakening.

It is a retreat designed to help you deepen your sensitivity, embrace your sensual nature and free your aliveness.

It’s not about knowledge or concepts.

It’s experientially awakening aspects of you that have been SHUT down.  Magic belongs to those sensitive enough to perceive it. 

THIS is the key to living a LIFE beyond what you imagine possible…

Is a High End, LUXURY, Transformational Immersion…  

April 28 – May 5, 2018 – On The Wild, Mind-blowingly Beautiful Beach of Troncones, MEXICO.

It’s the beach that awakened my sensual aliveness 3 years ago.  And the people whose warmth and smiles healed my heart.

It’s one of earth’s power places.  It’s a place that catalyzes sensuality and will teach you exactly what stands in the way of your full aliveness.

The retreat is an INTIMATE experience carefully designed to awaken your sensuality gently and easily,

With 11 other, hand selected, amazing people who will become SOUL FAMILY to you on this path.

The most powerful transformation happens when you are REMOVED from your day-to-day responsibilities, habits and patterns…

And are fully IMMERSED in a new way of being in your body

In the most Pleasurable way possible.

You will arrive home with a new set-point of well-being in your nervous system. Your standards for aliveness will have changed, and there is no going back. 

You’ll fly into the quaint twin cities of Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo where you’ll be escorted to our stunningly beautiful villa on an almost-private beach that you’ll share with our intimate group of awesome people.

There, you will sink into tranquility with the time and space for beach walks, daily morning meditation, massages and our group Sensual Awakening sessions.

The immersion will be filled with fresh, cleansing, nutritious vegetarian cuisine – a carefully planned menu of simple, delicious foods to nourish you and gently purify your body. 

You will be romanced into further pleasures all week: romantic dinners out with dancing and live music, leisurely swims in the infinity pool, a rejuvenating soak in the natural hotsprings, a shamanic sacred Cacao ceremony…

And a Profound AWAKENING to your own Sensuality.

Join me, for a week-long experience that will open the doors to a new level of magic in your life.

The 2018 Sensual Awakening Retreat is a special opportunity. 

The retreat itself is only happening because of a series of magical events that transpired over the past several months that lead me to meet two amazing women, Berta and Gabrielle.

Together the three of us form a good team:

Berta offers the setting, Villa Milagro (the house of miracles), Gabrielle provides the co-ordination and me (Karen), the retreat leadership and facilitation.

To join us for this extraordinary experience please read this page to see if it’s right for you
and when you’re ready…

Click the Button Below to:.

Or Book a Chat with Karen to answer your questions and see if it’s a fit.

  • Are on a path of spirituality and self-awareness.
  • Are at the top of their game in most aspects of life but realize that without being connected with their own sensual aliveness, none of it matters.
  • Value beauty and high-quality.
  • Have a tendency to over-work, push and force, get stressed out, be controlling and are probably spending too much time in their heads.
  • Love being in nature and have an adventurous spirit.
  • Value authenticity and truth more than maintaining appearances.
  • Embrace a body-centred approach to transformation.
  • Want to move, play and generally have more fun.
  • Have a great sense of humour and enjoy laughing frequently!

This is retreat is perfect for:

Women who are longing to embody their femininity and feel the spark of aliveness that ignites within them.

Men who have lost connection with their body, their intuition and their highest path and want to re-set their compass.

Couples who want to connect with their own sensuality and deepen the fire and connection between them.

  • are uncomfortable being in a foreign country.
  • are looking for faciliation/exploration about sex and sexuality. Sensuality and sexuality are related and interconnected. I will be facilitating explorations to deepen your self-connection with your sensual self, which will likely have impacts on your sexual self, but there will not be a focus on sex, sexuality or eroticism.
  • are in need of deeper healing or therapy. This retreat is better suited for those who are thriving in life and want to refine/fine-tune.
  • just want to lie on the beach and relax. While this will be a beautiful vacation in Mexico, we will also have daily activities and a focus on personal transformation.
  • Want to drink on their vacation. In order to deepen your connection with your sensual self, you’ll need to fine-tune your sensitivity. Alcohol and substances numb your receptivity to your body. For that reason, this is a non-alcoholic retreat. You are free to enjoy your margarita, before or after the retreat is complete.

Luxury Accomodation

Double occupancy luxury accomdation at Villa Milagro, the house of miracles. Villa Milagro has a full staff who are at your service to make your stay luxurious and comfortable.

Daily Morning Meditation

Meditation is the single most beneficial tool for personal well-being and for one’s ability to stay connected to the body’s intuition.

Develop a new habit of morning meditation with daily guided meditation.

Soul-nourishing, Fresh, Vegetarian food

Enjoy 7 days of having all meals lovingly prepared for you by our in-house chef. She will be preparing us a largely vegetarian diet of nourishing, fresh dishes.

Facilitated Sensual Awakening Sessions

In our twice daily Sensual Awakening sessions, I combine the sensual movement practices of yoga and conscious dance with personal transformation processes to get you out of your head and tuned into your natural self. No previous yoga or dance experience is necessary.

A Shamanic Cacao Ceremony

Our group will join Adriana Gonzalez for a ceremony using the sacred plant medicine of ‘cacao’. Drink a delicious cup of hot cacao, sweetened with honey and spiced with a dash of chile. Then lie back to receive the heart-opening and gently mind-opening effects of cacao. Adriana will bless us with her guidance and sound-healing on our journey.

Relaxation massages

What would a sensual awakening retreat be without the healing power of touch?  Enjoy the healing hands of the on-site massage therapists.  Your package includes 2 massages to melt your tensions away.

A Sensual ADventure to jungle hotsprings

As if it wasn’t enough to be staying on an epic, wild beach…let’s add natural hotsprings to the mix!  This is a sacred place for you to commune with the water, the minerals, the heat, and simply melt.

A few romantic dinners out

It’s our pleasure to take you to our favourite spots for some romantic dinners out. We might even catch some of the beautiful local latin talent playing music. Dinner and dancing! What could be better!?

A few very helpful, not-so-glamorous things that are also included:

  • All gratuities for staff.
  • A modest fee for Gabrielle’s organizational support.
  • Transportation to and from the airport.
  • A small buffer to ensure that we don’t lose money : )

Facilitation by Karen

The retreat package total includes the hard costs of everything required to give you a beautiful retreat experience in Mexico.

My contribution time of daily Sensual Awakening Sessions and creating the space for transformation isn’t included in the total package cost.

The fee doesn’t include my facilitation time, energy and expertise to help you transform to a new level of sensual aliveness.

There will be a time and space at the end of the retreat for you to assess the right amount that you feel to give according to the value you received and your present financial circumstances.  Any amount is appreciated.  And you are welcome to do so via multiple payments through credit card, cash or paypal.

Goddess Photoshoot, Horseback Riding, Energy Healing and some other cool stuff to do around town.

Troncones is a magical place with magical things to do. There are some other things that you might want to do on your free time, such as:

An epic, Goddess photoshoot with a beautiful spirit, Rolando, who can set even the most camera-shy woman at ease.

Or, perhaps a horseback ride on the beach.

Or, an energy healing session.

Or a trip to a local cave.

We suggest you bring a bit of extra cash to take advantage of the beautiful opportunities that abound in our special town.

Your Flight

Your flight is not included in the package total. Flights are in and out the Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo.

Let’s talk about the investment.

The market value of a retreat of this quality and offering this level of personal transformation is easily in the $3-10,000 range. 

Many of my colleagues are offering their luxury transformational retreats at this rate.

Since this is the first time Berta, Gabrielle and I are working together, we decided to make it really appealing by keeping everything at our cost to providing it for you.

We want to make it a no-brainer for the right people to invest in their trip to paradise.

Not only will you receive a luxury vacation at a beautiful beach with all of your meals, massages, outings, etc. included, but will also receive a life-changing transformation in your relationship with your own senuality.

The investment for the Sensual Awakening Retreat is:

$1750 USD

(If paid by April 3rd. Afterwards, the investment is $1950)

Partner Rate: $3000 when you register with a partner.

Email Gabrielle at for the partner rate.

Please note: As outlined above, my facilitation is not included in the total, but rather, at the end of the retreat you can give according to the value that you received, what makes sense for you right now and what you are inspired to offer.

It’s important that you don’t give more or less than what is right for you.
It’s a personal choice and whatever you decide is perfect.

You will be provided with the opportunity to give in 1-4 payments spread out over the course of a year, made by credit card,

In other words, this is a generosity-based retreat.

We are offering you a luxury retreat at our cost for creating it, and inviting you to contribute extra at the end according to what feels good to you.

We would love for you to join us for this opportunity to deepen your sensitivity, embrace your sensual nature and free your aliveness.

Click the button below to:

Or book a no-expectations 15-30 minute chat with Karen to see if this is a fit for you.

I love being on retreat with Karen.  She is a genuine, loving, inspiring teacher.  Her yoga is gentle but powerful.

Working with her allowed me to get in touch with my inner gifts and the courage to express them in the world.
The environment in Troncones Beach is heavenly, beautiful, restful and supportive of healing and transformation.
Karen is a trustworthy, knowledgable and compassionate leader. I know you will be in good hands with her and I highly recommend her teaching as life transforming.
Danielle Nistor

I made a decision to prioritize my sensual aliveness…

and this is what it has afforded me:

  • An intimate and almost-always present connection with my own spirituality and truth. My intuition is very tuned-in.
  • A body that is ever-increasing in sensitivity, aliveness, and even beauty. At the same time, my body is decreasing in tension and stress.
  • A balanced life where I no longer over-work as a way of life, and instead I enjoy plenty of deep-rest.
  • I met and live with the man of my dreams who cherishes me, treats me like a Queen and is a true life-partner for me in all ways.
  • A mind-blowingly electric, sweet, intimate and sacred sex-life beyond what I imagined possible.
  • A reliable connection with my own creativity that has me developing original, high-value content, my own style of yoga called “Unwind”, my own way of facilitating dance and my own creative projects.
  • A lifestyle where I live in Mexico, dance salsa, share yoga, eat fresh foods and spend plenty of time with friends and in nature.

We would love for you to join us for this opportunity to deepen your sensitivity, embrace your sensual nature and free your aliveness.

Click the button below to:

Or book a no-expectations 15-30 minute chat with Karen to see if this is a fit for you.

With love from Mexico,