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In case you missed it let me start by pointing out the comfort zones on the Love, Sex, Genius diagram. Here it is…

You’ll notice that there are actually 6 points on the Diagram:

Love, Sex, Genius AND Commune, Create, Contribute.

We all tend to favour one place- this is our go-to comfort zone.

Your comfort zone reveals quite a lot about you as leader, as you’ll see in your flow diagnosis below. When we are out of the flow, we tend to feel crappy, things don’t work smoothly, and your creativity is stifled.

Based on your comfort zone we can extrapolate some of the challenges that you might be experiencing right now in your life and business and also, what you are most needing to get back into the flow.


The realm of sex is the embodiment of sensual aliveness through acts of communion with yourself, others and all of life. The embodiment of this realm causes one to be a channel for life-force moving through the body. One who is dwelling in this realm will naturally be drawn to re-align themselves with the power of this life-force including eating a clear and clean diet, taking care of their body through daily movement, sleeping well and, of course, having sex!
Because sex puts us into direct contact with life-force energy, it is intimately related to Power.

YOUR ESSENTIAL EXPRESSION – Naturalness: You easily express the essence of Naturalness. This is the physical embodiment of the traits of power and integrity. You love to be physically embodied and to be engaged in acts of sensual aliveness, such as dance, yoga, sports, or having sex. You are a master of physical embodiment and being a vessel for the flow of sensual aliveness. You inhabit your physicality with ease and grace. You are in-tune with your physical self and sensitive to the needs of your body, which you tend to with delight.

You are likely widely admired for your youthful energy, regardless of your age. You have a direct relationship with life-force itself which will always be palpable to others who come into contact with you.

You are vital and through your physical presence alone, you exude a sense of natural power.

SYMPTOMS: You are probably a very charismatic and powerful person that people are drawn to. As a Leader you may also experience this type of aliveness in the expression of power, whether it be speaking on stage or sharing influence with others. You may be so absorbed in your experience of physical embodiment of aliveness that the focus is on you, and you haven’t yet created a tangible contribution through your work.

LEADERSHIP KRYPTONITE – Domination: The shadow tendency of this realm is dominaton – the tendency to use power over others in order to reach the outcome you desire. This can happen quite unconsciously and without harmful intent, simply having so much power moving through you, that you assume that others will want to partake in what you have to share. The tendency here is not to listen to or hear or respect what others’ wants and needs are. This can happen subtly or overtly.

When a leader is engaged with their power in a way that is designed to serve their personal ends or agendas and is not considering of the other’s best interest, they are moving across the line into the vice of domination.  In it’s more extreme form this kryptonite is called Violation.

CRAVING – Generosity: You are secretly craving to be understood as a person of substance who has a substantial contributions to make in the world. You want to give the world your generosity through concrete and lucrative contributions.

YOUR LIFESTYLE KEY – Contribution: What you need most to get into the flow is to focus on the realm of Contribute, which is a combination of Love and Genius, turning your focus to what others really need and using your gifts and talents to serve them.

In terms of burn-out, your life can seem meaningless and superficial when it’s always about you and the pleasures of being alive. This means that in order for you to avoid cyclical burn-out, you’ll need to counter-balance your tendency towards prioritizing aliveness and fun, with finding and expressing your generosity towards others in a meaningful contribution.

I invite you to watch your inbox for an email from me. Soon, I’ll be sending you your “Flow Diagnosis,” an email that outlines my custom recommendations for you in order to get back into the flow as a leader.  It’ll have the subject line: Sex – Your Flow Diagnosis.

I’m pretty much over-the-moon about this Love, Sex, Genius model and everything that I’m creating around it, so please feel free to reply to my email at anytime and let me know your feedback. 

I’m always interested in hearing from you.

See you soon,