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In case you missed it let me start by pointing out the comfort zones on the Love, Sex, Genius diagram. Here it is…

You’ll notice that there are actually 6 points on the Diagram:

Love, Sex, Genius AND Commune, Create, Contribute.

We all tend to favour one place- this is our go-to comfort zone.

Your comfort zone reveals quite a lot about you as leader, as you’ll see in your flow diagnosis below. When we are out of the flow, we tend to feel crappy, things don’t work smoothly, and your creativity is stifled.

Based on your comfort zone we can extrapolate some of the challenges that you might be experiencing right now in your life and business and also, what you are most needing to get back into the flow.


Love is act of giving and receiving love fluidly. It is a feeling, a behaviour, a state of being. Love is an inclusivity that encompasses all. Love embraces everything and rejects nothing.

The person who occupies the realm of love is naturally other-focused. They see themselves through the lens of their relationships and how the interact and interconnect with the loved ones around them.

YOUR ESSENTIAL EXPRESSION – Unconditional Love: You easily express the essence of unconditional love. This is pure love, that transcends the barriers that others may find to both giving and receiving love.

You are naturally giving and attuned to the needs of others. You focus on the best in others and give people the benefit of the doubt. You are accepting and easy-going with others. You are other-focused and easily prioritize your relationships.

SYMPTOMS: You are probably experiencing a low output and productivity in your own business because your attention is so often flowing to what others in your life need. You may feel creatively stifled and frustrated. And that you lack a powerful output for your creative self-expression.

LEADERSHIP KRYPTONITE – Martyrdom: You may have a shadow tendency towards Martyrdom.

The Leadership Vice of Martyrdom indicates that a leader is focused on meeting the needs of others to the detriment of their own individual, creative self-expression and well-being. Their personal identity is so much lost in tending to others, that they may not know who they are and what they have to contribute.

CRAVING – Radiance: You secretly most desire to be seen and appreciated for your radiance and to express your creativity. You want others to shine a light on your gifts so that you can see them. You want to be discovered. You crave to be given the spotlight and the moment to shine.

YOUR LIFESTYLE KEY – Creativity: What you most need is to get back into the flow is to focus on the realm of Create, which is a combination of Sex and Genius.

This means that in order for you to avoid cyclical burn-out, you’ll need to counter-balance your tendency towards prioritizing others, with carving out the time and space for your own creativity.

I invite you to watch your inbox for an email from me. Soon, I’ll be sending you your “Flow Diagnosis,” an email that outlines my custom recommendations for you in order to get back into the flow as a leader.  It’ll have the subject line: Love – Your Flow Diagnosis.

I’m pretty much over-the-moon about this Love, Sex, Genius model and everything that I’m creating around it, so please feel free to reply to my email at anytime and let me know your feedback. 

I’m always interested in hearing from you.

See you soon,