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In case you missed it let me start by pointing out the comfort zones on the Love, Sex, Genius diagram. Here it is…

You’ll notice that there are actually 6 points on the Diagram:

Love, Sex, Genius AND Commune, Create, Contribute.

We all tend to favour one place- this is our go-to comfort zone.

Your comfort zone reveals quite a lot about you as leader, as you’ll see in your flow diagnosis below. When we are out of the flow, we tend to feel crappy, things don’t work smoothly, and your creativity is stifled.

Based on your comfort zone we can extrapolate some of the challenges that you might be experiencing right now in your life and business and also, what you are most needing to get back into the flow.

Genius Definition:

Genius is the expression of brilliance through individuality. As opposed to the state of union, this is where the oneness flows through the separate self in an expression of unique, individuated brilliance.

YOUR ESSENTIAL EXPRESSION – Brilliance: You easily express the essence of Brilliance. You have discovered how to tap into the wellspring of unique creative expression that bubbles up inside of you. And you express it easily and often. You are comfortable being a conduit for brilliant insight to flow through you.

SYMPTOMS: You are probably prone to experiencing burn-out. You can easily get so into your work that you neglect your body and your relationships in the process.

LEADERSHIP KRYPTONITE – Pride: our leadership kryptonite is Pride.

Taken to its shadow, you become aware of the brilliance that is flowing through you and it turns into self-importance or pride. The pure essence of individual expression becomes hardened and set in place, rather than flowing, and you become an advocate for your own importance, rather than an impartial vessel for expression.

You are brilliant, but when you know this and express yourself without recognizing the greater source from where your brilliance arises, you slip into self-importance. Your shadow tendency towards arrogance may alienate others.

CRAVING – Oneness Consciousness: You secretly most desire to just relax, have a massage, and to bask in sensual splendour with those you love.

YOUR LIFESTYLE KEY – Communion: What you most need is to get back into the flow is to focus on the realm of Commune, which is a combination of Love and Sex. The separate self disappears, and along with it, goes self-importance. Being surrounded by people you love and doing anything that gets you lost in a state of union is your solution.

This means that in order for you to avoid cyclical burn-out, you’ll need to counter-balance your tendency towards prioritizing work, with spending time prioritizing your relationships and enjoyment of sensual aliveness….preferably at the same time!

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