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Discover your Business Archetype 

With Meaghan Alton

On this Wednesday Nov, 7th, join Karen and Intuitive Business Strategist, Meaghan Alton for an exploration of your business archetype.

In this 90 minute workshop, you will discover how to calculate your Numerology Business archetype.  This is different from most numerology that you will have encountered…Meaghan uses Tarot to explain the archetype in a way I haven’t seen before.

You will learn the natural strengths, and also your deepest purpose, of your archetype and how this is what your clients and the world most want from you!

Knowing your archetype, creates more flow in your business, because your business is a vehicle for your purpose, and when those two work in harmony, magic happens!

This is an Open House, for Karen’s intimate mentorship circle, The Flow Calayst.  You are welcome to attend for free and get a taste of one of our weekly calls.

When: Wednesday, Nov 7th. 5 pm EST (2 PST, 3 MT, 7 am Monday in Sydney, Australia)
Where: On-line through Zoom Video Conferencing  (details will be sent to your inbox upon registration).

Registration is free. Sign-up below.

Meaghan is an intuitive business coach.

She has a magical way of taking her vast knowledge of numerology and tarot and blending it with modern business applications. The result is success for her clients that feels magical, but is grounded and incredibly effective!

She is the author of the Prosperity Cycle Program, the Abundant Business Clarity Cards, and co-creator of the Conscious Entrepreneur Collective and Certified Universal Law Certification.