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Note From The Ancestors  

Dear Sensitive Heart

Until now we didn’t know

How to Care. 

How to Tend to you.

Dear Sensitive Heart

Until now

We didn’t have sweet sounding instruments to play the soft notes that would unwind old

twists and ties  

and nourish you back into supple fullness.

They didn’t exist.

We couldn’t caress.

Our hands were worn and calloused, hardened by the tireless work of survival.

Dear Sensitive Heart

Until now we couldn’t open you.

It was too cold.

It was bleak and it was hard.

The days were long.

There was busyness. There was turmoil.

We were toiling for you Sensitive Heart.

Dear Sensitive Heart

You who live in the warm sun

with only sweet sounds all around you.

With other sensitive hearts who have found their way to the instruments that surrender you.

You are here now, to open,

with all the conditions for your fruition.

Ripe and Ready.

By us, for us, through us.

Dear Sensitive Heart

Until Now Sweet one.

Now is for you.

Now is for us.

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