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I do not regret our love
But it has me here with a love-bruised 
And swollen 
Heart that won’t stop aching 
And moaning.
It will be awhile before I am out in the world with a fresh smile.
So I am laying here and waiting
And my mind still can’t imagine a bright future.
There are no heart-fluttering fantasies.
Everywhere I look seems grey and clouded,
Except for here in this room.
Here is friendly and welcoming.
Here is embracing me, as if to say:
“Welcome dear,
This next time I have set aside for you to heal.
Stay here, now with me,
Just relax. 
It will all be okay.”
And so, I make my cup of tea,
With all of its comfort and 
Sit in the new morning, 
With my tender heart throbbing.