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A Small Coaching Group for Male Transformational Leaders to Get In Alignment in the Realms of Love, Sex and Genius.

I am writing you to share about a small group of male Transformational Leaders that I am bringing together this January for an intimate Mastermind.

On this page, I provide all the information you need in order to decide if this is right for you. 

The Love, Sex, Genius creativity cauldron is a transformative group of 4-5 Men Transformational Leaders (Business Owners, Coaches, Mentors) who are ready to step into their highest USE in their Zone of Genius without cyclical burn-out. 

It’s 6 months of coaching. It’s a chance for you to be coached by someone who will look at you as a whole person, and guide you to find your own truth about your path, beyond just what makes sense for your business. 

The tangible results of our time together will be a honing in on and refinement of your work in the world, so that it honours your body (sex) and your relationships (love). Your marketing, sales, content and offerings will naturally evolve into a greater expression of your creative genius.

Here’s the nutshell: The Love, Sex, Genius Creativity Cauldron is simple. We meet 3 times a month on Zoom to explore how the Love, Sex, Genius model of Leadership applies to you.

The first call of the month is a Content Call focused on exploring one of the 6 Levels of Love, Sex, Genius (described below).

The next 2 calls are reserved for coaching to integrate and embody your new insights into how you live and work.  

We’ll meet at the same time each week, 3 weeks out of the month.

These calls are designed to bring you into alignment with your highest USE to Life. They will be experiential, body-centred, brain-stimulating, ridiculously fun and intimate.

This program also includes some one-on-one time with me, to be booked when you most need it to get customized attention.

In between our 3 monthly Creativity Cauldron calls, you’ll be going about your life and integrating the wisdom from our calls.

In short, the main deal is that you’ll receive a forum for support from me and a small group of men over 6 months (with the option to stay on for the next round).

A world without work & You don’t exist in silos  – The point of view that guides my work:

A World without Work – Many years ago I received a vision of the ultimate purpose of my presence and life’s work.  I saw a world where everyone knew exactly who they were and the genius they were here to express, and where they moved around in flow, freely giving their genius contribution.

They rested when they were tired, connected when they wanted to connect and moved about freely. 
There was no survival-fear motivating them. What I saw was a world without work. 

Later, when I shared this vision with my friend and mentor, Justin Livingston, he said: “your first job is to live in your own world without work.”  I was annoyed at his comment, because I knew he was right but had no idea how to do it.

Thankfully, I met Human Design & moved to Mexico, the combination of which initiated me into a new paradigm of living that did the trick…now, for the most part I live in a world without work.  I no longer have the ability to toil, to force, to do things solely for money-making motives. My being has been stripped of those capacities.  In it’s place is a trust in the flow of life. 

The old-paradigm of working is still within me and I am regularly reminded of de-conditioning this way of living and working. I now see how deeply unhealthy it is, how stressful, how destructive to our planet and how unsustainable. 

You don’t exist in silos.  The realms of love, sex and genius are so deeply interconnected that they form the foundation of how our creativity flows.  They are essential to eachother.  And yet, our current world (including the personal development and business programs offered) are designed as if these realms are separate. 

How sensually alive you feel has huge impacts on the quality of ‘work’ that you express.  The quality of work that you express, impacts your relationships.  Your ability to love impacts your work and on and on. 

You do not exist in silos.  And yet, the current life-work paradigm treats these realms as though they can be seen separately.  Most programs are also siloed in their focus and are delivered by leaders who are living siloed lives. 

In the Love, Sex, Genius work, we blur all the lines. These realms flow one into the other, and so do we.    

You don’t exist in silos, and I don’t see you that way. I not only integrate my approach with all three of these realms, but I intuitively customize my approach to you…providing tailored guidance depending on where you are right now. And this will shift and evolve as you shift and evolve throughout our interaction.

My work with Karen helped me get 100% aligned with my true values and purpose, and I’ve since been playing a bigger game and enjoying it more fully. I’m also making better decisions. Her work can be truly life-changing in the best of ways.
Ryan Eliason

Business Coach, Changemakers

Your level of flow in the realms of Love, Sex and Genius is going to have an impact on you on 6 Levels. In our content, we explore one level per month.

Month 1 – Level 1: Your Personal Satisfaction

How much are you actually enjoying your relationships, work and personal vitality? We start by taking an honest assessment. When you are out of flow in any of the realms of love, sex or genius, you will feel out of balance and ‘off’. You will feel dissatisfied. 

Month 2 – Level 2: Your Leadership Kryptonite

Next, uncover your Leadership Vice and how to work with it so that it is no longer a blindspot.

This is the shadow of your leadership that you are likely communicating and teaching through example…even more than your overt message. By bringing this to your awareness right away, you can begin to work with your shadow throughout the program.

“What you are shouts so loudly at my ears that I cannot hear what you say.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Month 3 – Level 3: Your Lifestyle Key to Eliminating Burn-out

Understand what is required for you to eliminate cyclical burn-out.  Your lifestyle key is your weakest point in the Love, Sex, Genius model, that will lead you out of your shadow and also prevent you from cyclical burn-out.

Developing in this area creates a new possibility for how to live by prioritizing all three realms and calling on-going attention to every aspect of our lives. We end up producing the right amount, in the right time, without pressure.

Month 4 – Level 4: Your Expression of Essence

Discover more about the essential expression that you are here to BE. 

Also, develop your expression of all 6 essential gifts of Leadership: the more we are able to express dynamically in all 6 of the realms, the more freedom, fun and impact we will have as a Leader.

Month 5 – Level 5: Your Creative Flow

Now, you’re really getting into the flow and creativity is ramping up. We begin to move into a state of surrender. How well are you expressing the creativity that most wants to move through you? 

The realms of Love, Sex and Genius illuminate how the creative process works. When you are no longer in excess or stagnation in any of these realms you will be able to create with ease. You will be connected to how Life wants to flow through you.  Here’s how it looks in a flow diagram: 

Month 6 -Level 6: The Flow of Life

The most spiritual aspect of leadership is flow. Here we explore what it looks like to step into a new paradigm of living where you are accessing what the flow of life is asking of you, and surrendering to a power far greater than yourself. 

Here, we are acting as an impersonal vessel for the expression of Life. We are directed by life itself, feel ourselves as a cell in the body of All-that-Is. We are doing our part, impersonally. 


I have far greater confidence in my work and how to deliver it since working with Karen. In fact, through our time together I have discovered what I’d really love to do instead of doing what appears to be the right thing. I feel more excited to step into my own power to own my knowledge and skills.

I highly recommend working with Karen. If you are committed to your authenticity and want to find your unique voice, to give language and depth to your offerings, Karen will take you through a process of change to help you find a deeper truth. If you are frustrated, tired, or overwhelmed trying to find your message and get it heard Karen will through her genius process help you find your passion, your fire.

Leonie Blackwell

The Love, Sex, Genius CREATIVITY CAULDRON is for Male Transformational Leaders who:

  • Are bringing together a new depth of their own work, or starting something new, or trying to find the right words for something new…something like that. The old isn’t working anymore. The new hasn’t come. They’re in that space between (that’s where I thrive as a coach)!
  • Are either already aware that making money is just an after-effect of delivering good work and not an end in itself to be pursued. Or are willing to let go of the pursuit of money as an end goal.
  • Have experienced multiple burn-outs or health scares and are now ready to completely eliminate cyclical burn-out as a problem, by taking an integrated approach to living.
  • Need some customized attention in order to bring their new thing or new way of life into being. They understand that their work is unique and the way that they bring it into being (including their marketing and sales) is also going to follow a unique path.
  • Are ready to veer off the trodden, proven, paths of success into the unknown territory of their own path of truth and alignment.
  • Are willing to devote the time and space to do inner work when required.
  • Embrace a body-centred approach to transformation.
  • Are not only willing, but enthusiastic to see the root causes of anything that is causing disharmony and stagnancy in their life and business. They understand that while it may be temporarily uncomfortable, the truth sets you free.
  • Have a great sense of humour and enjoy laughing frequently!

    Karen has the rare combo of leadership acumen + authentic spirituality. I highly recommend tapping her insights into your business!

    George Kao

    Authentic Marketing Coach

    7 Main Things that You Get in the Love, Sex, Genius Creativity Cauldron:

    #1 Main Thing:  6 Love, Sex, Genius Content Calls 

    Monthly Zoom Meeting (60 Minutes)

    The first week of each month we will meet to discover one aspect of the 6 Levels of Love, Sex, Genius (outlined above).  This content exploration will be experiential as I guide you through activities to reflect on what is required for you to come into alignment. 

    All Content Calls are Recorded so that you can re-do our activities and gain new insights from re-listening later.  

    Value: $97/month

    #2 Main Thing: 2 Monthly Creativity Cauldron Calls

    60 Minutes Via Zoom (Video Conferencing)
    Forming the back-bone of this program, our circle Zoom Calls are the cauldron within which creativity and transformation takes place.   

    These are facilitated group coaching calls where you will receive one-on-one and group attention.

    In our circle, you’ll be working with me in a customized way, on your primary areas of necessity to get into flow – the places where you most need to be focusing.

    We use the Love, Sex, Genius model as an on-going method for self-awareness and as a process to engage to get back into flow.

    This will cause an overall evolution and re-invention of your body of work over the 6 months.

    Value: $400/month

    #3 Main Thing: 2 Intimate 1-1 Coaching Sessions 

    2 x 90-120 Minutes Sessions via Zoom 

    The most powerful container for transformation that I offer takes place 1-1 and this is why I am including several 1-1 coaching sessions with me.

    During these sessions we will get together on Zoom and dive into whatever needs our attention.  These sessions are an opportunity for you to connect with your deepest purpose and truth to guide your direction and focus.

    Your Intimate Coaching Sessions are approximately 90 minutes and you can schedule them at any point during the 6 months (but not after).

    You walk away with a Video Recording of every session…thank goodness. Because sometimes we come up with so much gold in such a short amount of time, that you’ll need to go back and take notes.

    Value: 2 X 497 = $994

    #4 Main Thing: Content Concierge service and Access to additional programs.

    I have a lot of resources at my fingertips to share with you. I’ve created many programs in my past 8 years of business covering a wide range of topics related to being in alignment with your full expression of Genius.

    With me as your Coach, you’ll have the advantage of having me as your concierge available to direct you to the exact processes and information that you need, at the time you need it, from my vault of programs.

    Here’s a brief description of the programs that you’ve got unlimited access to:

    Your Genius Brand: 9-Part Video Training that walks you through Clarifying, Claiming and then Crystallizing your Genius into a powerful, aligned marketing message!

    Human Design for Leaders: This program outlines in detail the foundations of the Human Design system and is designed to teach you a new way of making decisions that saves time, money and energy.

    Live your Genius: 10-Module Audio Training that is designed to give you essential Inner Game Tools that allow you to make a living at your Genius Vocation.  

    Leverage your Genius: Step-by-step process for creating a Workshop/Coaching Business that uses Education-Based Marketing and Selling from the Stage to build business.

    Value: $4994

    MAIN THING #5: Get my Writer’s Eye on your Marketing and Sales Copy for your most important marketing and sales piece.

    I have a natural ability with helping Transformational Leaders to write marketing and sales copy that is truly aligned and expressive of their essence and the value that they create. This is one of my super-powers.

    I am a great writer and I also have the ability to sense what words will be effective at drawing people closer, and which won’t.

    While you are in the program, you’ll get my eye on one of your most important marketing and sales pieces, so long as you put it in a google document and provide me with the link to edit.

    Value: Solid Content and Marketing

    MAIN THING #6: Intimate Mastermind Facebook Community.

    Our facebook group is where you can get the on-going feedback from mysefl and the group. 

    Value: $97/month

    MAIN THING # 7: Accountability Buddy

    Optional but recommended, I will intuitively pair you with a fellow leader from our circle with whom you are asked to meet regularly to provide each other with on-going support and attention in your exploration.

    You and your buddy will decide how often you’d like to connect. There are no rules about how your buddyship works, however, we suggest that you meet consistently at the same time (once a week, bi-monthly, monthly).

    You get to set the perimeters for what works for you and your life.

    Value: The Joy, Genius and Integration of Accountability and Support

    The Investment

    To put the investment into context, added together the mentorship circle includes components that have a total value of almost ten thousand dollars worth of my offerings in addition to the intangible things that I wasn’t able to give a dollar value to:

    $ 9, 552

    + Massive savings of the frustration of being misunderstood and seen as a fragmented being

    + Help to Create Solid Content and Aligned Offerings

    + the joy and comfort of Social Support

    The investment for the Love, Sex, Genius Creativity Cauldron is

    $497 /month

    $497 USD/month with a minimum six-month commitment.
    You are welcome to continue on in our circle for the next co-hort if it feels like a good fit for both of us.

    If you need to leave before the end of the 6 months, I’d be grateful if you could give me a 30-day heads up so that I can find someone to fill the spot.

    This is the first round of the Creativity Cauldron, and at an introductory tuition. I will likely raise the tuition for future rounds.

    To register starts with an Application and Quick Chat.  

    Just click on the link below and fill in the application form and book our conversation. 

    1-1 VIP Upgrade Package

    For those who are undergoing a more intensive re-invention and need extra TLC

    (2 spots available):

    If you sense that you’re on the cusp of a big change in the way you live or work, you may want to experience more support to bring you through to the other side. In the VIP Upgrade Package you get everything included above as a part of the Love, Sex, Genius Creativity Cauldron as well as the additional 1-1 custom attention outlined below.

    At $997/month, this means that you are receiving the entire Creativity Cauldron mentorship program for the tuition of my 1-1 intimate coaching. You are getting the mentorship program as a bonus ($2982 Savings).

    VIP Upgrade #1 – 12 Intimate 1-1 Sessions (Twice Monthly)

    We meet twice a month for intimate 1-1 sessions. These are 90 minute Zoom calls where we get to dive deeply into your inner world in the realms of love, sex, genius (whatever’s going on for you) and from there, to bring into the world your creative contributions.

    This is ideal for you if you are in a transition to building a new body of work and would like help with birthing new content, marketing and sales messaging.

    To clarify you receive 12 Intimate 1-1 Sessions in lieu of the 2 sessions offered in the regular tuition. (A total of 12 sessions)

    VIP Upgrade #2: Quick Access Hotline.

    Get quick feedback and support when you need it so that you stay in the flow between sessions.

    While you’re a VIP client, you’ll have access to me via a “quick response hotline” app called Voxer where you will be able to send me text or voice messages for issues where you need five minutes or less of help. I’ll aim to reply as soon as I can.

    The value of this is huge. I can often say in a short message the exact thing that you need to hear to get back into flow.

    Why stay stuck when you can be supported? Keep the transformation and progress happening between our calls.

    VIP Upgrade #3: Get my Writer’s Eye on an Unlimited amount of your Marketing and Sales Copy and your Program and Content outlines.

    While you are a VIP client, you’ll get my eye on an unlimited amount of your marketing and sales pieces, as well as your content creation for courses and webinars, so long as you put it in a google document and provide me with the link to edit.

    The aim of this support is for me to act as a guide and catalyst to hone your creativity when it matters.

    Google docs are brilliant editing formats and easy-to-use. If you need help setting one up, Erika -client care, will be happy to do so.

    The Investment for the VIP upgrade is $997/month USD.

    To apply for the VIP program starts with an application and a conversation to see if working together 1-1 is a fit for both of us. To book a 30 minute chat with me and fill in your application, Click here.

    and Finally, so that you know, I am an Intuitive Catalyst…working with Karen:


    I’ll put this last because it’s the least tangible aspect of working with me but I’d like to make the case that this is the most valuable thing you get from working with me.

    I am designed to catalyse change.

    In my Human Design, I’m a combination of the Channel of Intimacy – the natural ability to break-down barriers to deep connection PLUS 6 individual Channels…which means that I’m here to be a radical force of empowerment that helps people back to being their unique, individuated and not-conditioned self.

    Basically this is what you’re inviting into your life when we work together:

    One part Intimacy PLUS one part Individual Empowerment EQUALS Some Sh#t’s gonna Change!

    In my opinion, this is really what makes the investment of working with me over a period of time worthwhile. Consider this as a giant permission slip to be yourself and realign the way you live and work in radical ways that suit your essence.

    Based on my observations, the outcome of working with me seems always to be practical and specifically, I’ve seen that many past clients have made specific, tangible changes to how they express their Genius through their work.

    So that’s it!  

    Thank you so much for reading and I look forward to seeing you soon,

    With love,