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discover your Lifestyle Key to eliminating cyclical burn-out – Exploratory Zoom Call

Dear Friend,

You are invited to attend an exploratory Zoom call about Leadership and Burn-out. 

[please read, registration information is below]

Most transformational leaders (coaches, workshop leaders, conscious business owners) have a relationship to cyclical burn-out. 

Either they’ve been burnt-out, they are burning-out, or they are actively doing things to avoid burn-out, knowing that it tends to circle around if they don’t pay attention. 

Recently, I stumbled upon a model that I believe offers a customized solution for every leader on how they can eliminate cyclical burn-out as an on-going issue. It’s called ‘Love, Sex, Genius’ and I would love to share it with you.

When: November 2nd at  2 pm PST, 3 pm MT, 5 pm EST.  

This is a 2-hour Zoom Call for Transformational Leaders, which will include time for:

-A brief introductory story of the origins of the Love, Sex, Genius model, what it is and why it matters.

-Discovering the 6 Leadership Comfort Zones and their corresponding tendencies towards burn-out, including discovering your Leadership Comfort Zone.
-Revealing your customized Lifestyle Key that is recommended to eliminate your tendency to burn-out. 
-Exploration of the creative cycle and how it applies to a new, more sustainable paradigm for work. 
-Open group discussion of what you’ve learned, how you understand this model and how it applies to your life and leadership.
-A brief introduction to my newest group mentorship program, the Love, Sex, Genius Creativity Cauldron, and pointing to the sales page for more information.

I look forward to sharing this with you. Please let me know if you have any questions. 

Participation in the call is $25 USD. Click here to register

Once you’ve registered by clicking the link, you are invited to RSVP that you are ‘going’ to the Facebook event if you want to receive updates there and share with friends. 

With much love and respect!