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Intimate Coaching with Karen

Let’s do the Inner and Outer Work Necessary (whatever the F#*$ it takes) to get you in the Flow in the Realms of Sex, Love and Genius.

Dear Loving, Ingenious and Sexy Leader,

You may not be feeling fully loving, sexy and ingenious these days… and that’s why I’m writing you.

You were born Loving. You were born Sexy. You were born a Creative Genius.

And just to be clear, by Love I mean that you were born with the innate desire and ability to have deeply loving and intimate connections.

By Sex I mean that you were born with the innate desire and ability to express sensual aliveness through acts of communion with yourself, others and all of life.

And by Genius I mean that you were born with an innate passion, gift and contribution that only you can express.

The trouble is…

Somewhere along the line, the flow of your love, sexuality and genius may have gone stagnant or out of alignment in some way.

Maybe it’s been happening gradually, that you are feeling less and less in touch with the magic of life.  Or maybe you’re dealing with some challenging circumstances right now.

And when one of these realms is out of the flow, it has a direct impact on the other two. It stops the flow of creativity and will keep you in a state of creative constipation.

And that lack of alignment, will make you unhappy, dissatisfied, and stressed…possibly even unhealthy. 🙁

Have you noticed that?

That when you are fully expressing your creative genius, but you’re having trouble in the realm of love, your creative fruits don’t taste as sweet.

Or that, when you have a great, loving connection in your relationship, but no sexual aliveness, that you lack creative ‘heat’ and you yearn for more?

Or that when your sensuality and love relationships are flowing, but you aren’t expressing your creative genius, that after awhile you feel like something is missing?

In the past 8 years of helping leaders to live and leverage their Genius through their work, I discovered that oftentimes what was holding someone back in their Genius was actually that they were disempowered in their relationship. OR that they weren’t in the flow in their sensuality/sexuality.

This is what happened to me. At the height of my business ‘success’, when my sales were the highest and my systems were dialed enough to afford me plenty of free-time, I felt dull and dead.

I was going through the motions of sharing my Genius and it was still working…but like a machine. All I wanted to do was lie on the couch, binge-watch Downton Abbey and drink wine. I knew something was off…but I didn’t know what.

Knowing what I know now, I see clearly that I wasn’t in flow in the realm of Sex/Sensuality. And despite having everything I wanted on the outside, I didn’t feel alive and therefore, none of my ‘success’ really mattered.

In my view, we are designed to be in flow in all 3 realms of Love, Sex and Genius.

And that’s why I’m sitting to write you about a new intimate 1-1 coaching program I’m offering.

I’ve taken weeks to prepare this page for you, because what is written herein is new and requires new understanding…consider it an education in my cumulative latest perspective. It’s not a quick read. I recommend getting a nice drink and making yourself cozy.

If you’re reading this, you’re someone who asked to be on the advanced notice list about it and here it is.

This Coaching program is a deeply intimate process for 4 Leaders (Business Owners, Coaches, Healers, Mentors) who are craving the aliveness that comes from being aligned in all three realms of Love, Sex and Genius.

It’s a chance for you to re-align the way that you live on a day-to-day basis so that your work, your relationships, and your sexual expression are in the flow and you feel naturally energized, free and fulfilled.

It starts in a few weeks and includes twice monthly 1.5-2 hour meetings with me for at least 6 months (plus access to my library of content as needed).

Love, Sex and Genius, here’s how I see it…


It begins in the milieu of Love and Sex…where we are able to Commune with our environment, our beloved, or our business partner. We merge energies. We become no longer two but one. We find Oneness.

From this state of Communion we enter into Creativity. Genius emerges. Something is emerging, new. It is a discovery. It is magical.

And then, Genius combines with Love, bringing our creativity naturally out into the world as a Contribution. We share. The abundance that was created in the act of communing and creating inevitably becomes a contribution.

Commune. Create. Contribute.

It’s simple.

It’s not just that we’re designed to be in flow in the realms of Love, Sex and Genius…it’s how the process of creativity works.

When you are in flow, you move freely through the cycle of Communing with the elements and people around you, Creating in your Genius and then Contributing with love.

This is not only your personal flow that we’re talking about but being in the flow of all of Life itself.

When you’re in flow with Life, life is able to Commune with you, showing you the most fruitful and true direction of your Creativity, and guiding you to Contribute in ways that you wouldn’t have dared conceive.

Life is having its way with you!

You are in your POWER. You are easily expressing LOVE. You are sensually alive. You are surrendered.

When you’re in flow, you know it.

The opposite is also true. When you’re not in flow, you feel it. You know it. And you probably don’t like it.

Being out of the flow of our power makes us feel less alive. We feel dull. We feel dissatisfied. We are uncomfortable. Something feels off. Something IS off!

Worse yet, if as a Leader we’re out of flow in one of these areas…it is palpable to those in our sphere of influence. They may not be able to put a finger on what is ‘off’ but they sense the ‘offness’ in our vibe.

In the best case scenario, our lack of flow is felt as an ‘offness’. In the worst case, our distorted flow results in an abuse of power.

Think of the leader, Bikram, whose sideways expression of sexuality caused abuse to many of his closest and most trusting followers and ultimately cost him his reputation, his empire and millions of dollars.

Or the countless Coaches and Mentors who aren’t communing enough in the realms of Love and Sex to feel nourished in their body and spirit. The result is they get ‘crispy’, dried-up and burnt-out.

No matter how inspiring the message of their genius is, what they are really teaching via their example is what it looks like to run their bodies into the ground in the name of ambition.

Or the teacher who hasn’t yet totally landed in what their unique genius is, and as a result abuses their own gifts and talents by not fully honouring them. This can play out as under-charging, and forcing themselves to work in ways that are detrimental to their nature, by failing to create a context within which their genius can thrive.

Common Signs and Symptoms of Lack of Alignment in the Realms of Love, Sex and Genius.


Take a moment to self-assess.




  • Unable to connect to their emotions
  • Emotionally numb
  • Lonely and isolated
  • Misunderstood
  • Stuck in their head
  • That their loved ones aren’t really close to them
  • Disconnected from all of Life
  • Lack of appreciation and joy for what life brings
  • Dissatisfied in their personal relationships
  • That they aren’t loved enough and don’t have the quality of friendships, family or intimate relationships they desire
  • That they aren’t oozing love
  • Hardened and cold



  • Feeling a lack of personal identity from being so absorbed in communion. Who am I?
  • Unable to see their value apart from connection to others
  • Not knowing what they want or need because they are so attuned to others’ wants and needs
  • Suppressed anger, resentment and tension from always putting others first and simultaneously making themselves invisible



  • Their marketing copy has a distinctive lack of warmth and connection
  • Offerings are not reflective of their clients direct needs and so are not selling as well
  • Leader experiences being disconnected from their clients. Clients do not feel connected to leader
  • Program Cancellations, refund requests, dive in income
  • Low sales resulting from disconnection



  • Lack of productivity due to prioritizing relationships.
  • Relationships become the sole focus and interfere with creativity and contribution
  • Lack of time and space devoted to personal time for creative expression
  • Business projects aren’t moving forward because relationships are absorbing all of their focus
  • The Body shows signs of neglect from always putting others first. (overweight, body tension/pain, headaches and other ailments)




  • Stressed and tense, having difficulty relaxing
  • Disconnected from their body
    Sexually frustrated
  • Not feeling sexy or sexual
    Old inside and out (regardless of their actual age)
  • Anxious and overwhelmed.
  • Low libido. Disinterested in communing sexually with others
  • Trapped in unhealthy patterns of shame and pain from unresolved sexual conditioning and trauma
  • Dull, not alive
  • Lacking lifeforce



  • Obsessive thinking about sex (or having sex) to the point of total absorption or distraction from creative contribution
  • Over-indulgence in the sensual realms (eating, baths, sex, basking in nature) to the degree that communing never enters into the creative, or contribution phases
  • Dealing with too much sexual energy to the point of feeling like they will explode



  • Full schedule that doesn’t allow time for ‘communing’ in the senses. Busy-ness that leads to being tired, burnt-out, exhausted.
  • Drawn to substances to replace the sense of ‘communing’…marijuana, alcohol, TV, Facebook, food, etc.
  • Lack of innovation in business. Doing the same-old, same-old without deepening the understanding and the creativity
  • Suppressed sexuality comes out sideways in harmful sexual behaviours, such as affairs, sexual innuendos, harassment, etc.
  • Marketing and sales seem flat, lifeless, lacking the ‘fire’ or ‘heat’ that draws new clients in



  • There’s no energy conserved for creativity and contribution. Lack of focus on business results in a nose-dive in income, and productivity




  • Uninspired
  • Unclear about their place in the world.
  • Not unique
  • Confused about who they are and what to be doing
  • Lacking motivation to work and make money
  • Stuck in boredom
  • Frustrated with doing work they don’t enjoy.
  • Concerned that they will live their whole life without ever feeling that they’d done something worthwhile
  • That they aren’t contributing
  • That they aren’t using their Gifts and Abilities to their full capacity



  • Inflated sense of self and personal power. Lack of humility.
  • Unable to ‘turn off’. The focus on their work becomes obsessive, keeping them up at night, occupying their thoughts
  • Lack of time spent enjoying the simple pleasures of love and sensuality



  • Struggling in their sales and marketing because it’s not coming from their innate, natural Genius
  • Stunted in their business growth
  • Business lacks a unique Point of View and therefore, suffers from having competitors and not standing out
  • Lack of clarity about your niche
  • Lack of clarity about the underlying value of your offerings that makes the investment worthwhile.
  • Undercharging



  • Estranged friends or loved ones due to a lack of prioritizing their connections
  • Business and ‘life purpose’ becomes all-consuming
  • Martyrdom
  • Using people. Relationships become transactional and every connection is aimed at it’s purposefulness/usefulness. – Loved ones begin to feel like their sole value is in what they can do to enhance your mission, and not inherently valuable and worthy of your time on their own
  • Inflated value. Over-charging to the point of excess
  • Excess spending and buying beyond ones true needs and desires
  • Well-developed gifts and genius is used for personal gain rather than for it’s intended use, which is to serve others

Where we lack alignment, we transmit a lack of alignment.

And on a practical level, lack of alignment translates directly into unclear, unwhole and untrue marketing and sales. Which keeps clients from being able to easily flow into our world.

And when we’re able to shift into flow, it’s a huge relief!

Over the next 6-12 months I plan to work intimately with 4 Leaders (coaches, mentors, CEOs, business owners) to come into Flow in the realms of Love, Sex and Genius.

I’m calling it, simply, the Intimate 1-1 Coaching Program.

Here’s the Nutshell: The Intimate 1-1 Coaching Program is simple. We meet twice a month on Zoom (easy-to-use video conferencing) for intimate, transformative coaching sessions.

It includes access to my content from previous programs that is relevant to what you’re going through or working on. In between sessions, you’ll be integrating your inner transformation and implementing what we work on together.

You can access me for quick feedback, celebrations and connection using a Quick Access Hotline between sessions. This is using Voxer, an app on your phone that allows us to send walkie talkie messages back and forth.

In short, the main deal is that you’ll be working closely with me over 6 months or more, which, history has shown, has a highly transformative, flow-inducing effect on people.


  • You’re a Leader, such as a Coach, Workshop Leader, CEO, Mentor or Business Owner with a team. You either already have a significant sphere of influence, or you are actively in the process of developing one
  • You know that people look up to as an inspiration and that your personal alignment and integrity is not just about you, but sets an example for others
  • You feel that your life is meant to be lived in devotion to something greater than that which benefits you personally
  • You see that when you make personal adjustments to your own alignment, there is a direct impact on those that you influence, who then come more easily into their own alignment
  • You value an approach centred in listening to the body, or you know that it’s time to start paying attention to what your body is saying
  • You are deeply sensual and know that you can integrate your sensual/sexual self more fully into your life and work…right now, you’re somewhat under-wraps in this arena
  • You are open to exploring a new approach to living involving taking cues from life itself about where to go and what to do next, so that everything you do is not only informed by what you want, but what Life wants from you
  • You are not only willing, but enthusiastic to see the root causes of anything that is causing disharmony and chaos in your life and business. You understand that while it may be temporarily uncomfortable, the truth sets you free
  • You are bold and daring. You love to take action and implement what you’re learning right away
  • You are either already skilled at self-inquiry or willing to become skilled asap
  • You are open to the idea that symptoms presenting themselves in the physical body such as pain, discomfort and illness are linked to mental and emotional patterns…and that mental and emotional patterns can be un-done
  • You have a great sense of humour and enjoy laughing frequently!
  • You love the idea of working intimately with me. It makes you feel giggly, giddy and excited…it feels like two kids that get to play in a sand-box together and make some cool stuff. You just feel good about it
  • You are independent and enjoy the freedom of doing your own thing, your own way. You don’t want me to hand-hold or care-take you…you are empowered
  • You are prepared for significant changes and inner transformation. (I’ve been doing this long enough to know that this is the likely outcome of our work together)
My work with Karen helped me get 100% aligned with my true values and purpose, and I’ve since been playing a bigger game and enjoying it more fully. I’m also making better decisions. Her work can be truly life-changing in the best of ways.
Ryan Eliason

Business Coach, Changemakers

The portal into flow…

What is the anti-dote to lack of flow in the realms of Love, Sex and Genius?

How can we reliably move beyond conditioning into Flow with all of Life?

What solution do I propose?


Intimacy is the Portal that allows us reliable access to flow in all 3 realms of Love, Sex and Genius…everytime.

Here’s why.

In their purest form, Love, Sex and Genius are all deep acts of intimacy.

To truly commune with another or even oneself sensually or sexually, is a loss of self. It is a surrender into union.

To purely love another is also an act of self-surrender. In the act of loving another, we become so close, so vulnerable that the only sane way to love is to love self-lessly…without self. Loving another is a destructive act. It breaks down our barriers to love, and leaves only love in its wake.

Same with Genius. Genius is not about you. It removes ‘you’ from the equation. It gets rid of the intermediary and puts you into direct contact with the divine moving through you.

Intimacy is alchemy.

Intimacy is an act of union with something far greater than yourself. It’s the most powerful, life-altering act. It is a release of control and entry into communion with all of life. You no longer have the reigns. You’re not driving the car…you’re a passenger along for the ride. You’re surrendered.

Intimacy exposes and melts conditioning. It shows us our sore and unresolved past. It puts us into direct contact with our pain and at the same time, provides what is required to dissolve it.

This kind of intimacy is the thing we most want and we most fear. The self knows that it won’t survive it…and so it inherently fears it. The self thrives on no-flow. That is the state where it still maintains control.

But the sweet elixir or Intimacy in the realms of Sex, Love and Genius pays off in over-flow for those who dare partake…aliveness. That’s the guarantee of your work with the most intimate places within you.

You are guaranteed to come alive.

I bring the Gift of Intimacy to each session in this 1-1 coaching program. I have a natural ability to detect the conditioned barriers that are keeping you living as a separate, segregated self..and preventing you from coming into intimate contact with others and Life itself.

As we lovingly engage with those barriers, you will be amazed at how easily they dissolve, leaving you free and flowing in the creative cycle of love, sex and genius.

How we work together

How we work together varies depending on what is going on for you. However, in general there are a two foundations that I like to draw upon. If you are unfamiliar with them at the outset of our coaching, this is likely where we’ll begin.

Foundations of our work together are:

1) Genius I am constantly referring back to Genius with my clients to check-in on how congruent their outer expressions of their business are with their essence. This requires you having clearly defined Passion, Gift and Economic Engine statements that you feel capture your Genius 100%.

If you haven’t yet discovered your Genius with me we can do the process 1-1, using the Your Genius Brand videos (included in the program) or by attending the 3-Day Live event (or all of the above!)

2) Human Design My 1-1 clients have benefited greatly from having the opportunity to touch on their Human Design throughout our time together. Over-time this evolves into an in-depth understanding of and experiential alignment with your design. Depending on how much this model seems that it can benefit you, we can spend anywhere from no sessions to several sessions exploring the ins and outs of your design.


#1 Main Thing:
Twice Monthly Intimate Coaching Encounters.

90-120 minutes Via Zoom (video conferencing)

We will meet twice a month for Intimate Coaching Encounters.

In our Sessions we will do whatever it takes to get you into Inner and Outer Alignment in the realms of love, sex and genius…with ease.

We might spend the entire time in a creative vortex, re-working your marketing message and coming up with your next webinar.

I might spend 90 minutes guiding you to breathe and move and feel deeply some obscured and un-felt aspect your consciousness that has been so long neglected, you wouldn’t be able to be present to it without the guidance and support of someone holding space for you.

We might start off laughing about something that recently transpired that would only be funny to us, based on our previous coaching. Then move into a brief look at some aspect of your human design chart, followed by some deep healing and then out of nowhere birth an amazing idea for your next program.

That’s what I love about Intimate Coaching Encounters…they can start anywhere and end anywhere. And there is always so much value in the journey.

Each of our Intimate Coaching Encounter is approximately 90 minutes, but could be shorter or longer depending on whatever happens.

You walk away with a Video Recording of every session…thank goodness. Because sometimes we come up with so much gold in such a short amount of time, that you’ll need to go back and take notes.

I am known by my 1-1 coaching clients to begin channeling their sales and marketing copy. It just comes through me, usually in just the way that they would say it. And I can’t repeat it!

Get quick feedback and support when you need it so that you stay in the flow between sessions.

While you’re an intimate coaching client, you’ll have access to me via a “quick response hotline” app called Voxer where you will be able to send me text or voice messages for issues where you need five minutes or less of help. I’ll aim to reply as soon as I can.

#2 Main Thing:
Quick Response Hotline.

#3 Main Thing:
Access to almost my entire vault of programs.

I have a lot of resources at my fingertips to share with you. I’ve created many programs in my past 8 years of business covering a wide range of topics related to being in alignment with your full expression of Genius.

With me as your Coach, you’ll have the advantage of having me as your concierge available to direct you to the exact processes and information that you need, at the time you need it, from my vault of programs.

Here’s a description of the programs that you’ve got unlimited access to:

Your Genius Brand

  • 9-Part Video Training that walks you through Clarifying, Claiming and then Crystallizing your Genius into a powerful marketing message that will attract YOUR people to you!
  • Videos 1-4: The Discover your Genius Process. Clarify your Passion, Gift and Economic Engine.
  • Video 5: Claim the energetic power of your Genius, so that you are in alignment in your communications with others regarding the value of your Genius.
  • Videos 6-9: Transform your Genius into the concrete words that describe what you do to the people who need it (ie. how to market your Genius). Turn your Genius into compelling marketing language by clarifying your brand (Video 6), the exact practical problem that you solve (Video 7), who are the specific people you help (Video 8) and how to bring it all together in low-cost marketing that gets you ‘out-there’ right away using Education-Based Marketing (Video 9)

Value $1497



Live your Genius

10-Module Audio Training that is designed to give you essential Inner Game Tools that allow you to make a living at your Genius Vocation!

This program contains foundational tools and understanding for Inner Alignment that I have used not only for myself, to stay in my Genius, but with all of my clients. Learn these tools not only for you, but to enhance your work as a Leader.

Value $1997



Leverage your Genius

12-Module Audio Training that guides you step-by-step through the process of creating a Workshop/Coaching Business that makes money through Public Speaking and Selling from the stage, using Education-Based Marketing as the primary form of Marketing. This program used to sell for $12K, now it is available as an information product.


Value $2997

I’ll put this main thing last because it’s the least tangible but I’d like to make the case that this is the most valuable thing you get from working with me.

Let me explain. Learning about my Human Design has really helped me to see how much being a catalyst is built into who I am.

According to my Design, I’m one part Intimacy – the natural ability to break-down barriers to connection and 6 parts Self-Empowered Individuality – here to be a radical force of empowerment that helps people back to being their unique, individuated and not-conditioned self.

Basically this is what you’re inviting into your life when we work together:

Intimacy + Individual Empowerment = Some Sh#t’s gonna Change!

Your process of releasing past conditioning and unnatural ways of being that aren’t really YOU, is a natural unfoldment of our time together. Truly, when a client is ready, they can’t help but become more in the flow, more themselves and make changes when they come into contact with me.

I discovered this impact quite innocently when I first started coaching at the tender age of 25. My clients were doing things like ending marriages, quitting their jobs, starting new and daring businesses…in short, making RADICAL changes. At the time, it freaked me out. Part of me would gulp at my client’s fierce clarity: “I’m getting a divorce and moving continents.” “I’m quitting my job, leaving my partner and going back to school.”  But now, I know it’s par for the course.

Don’t worry. Nothing will change that doesn’t have a true place in your life. Only those unnatural, out-of-alignment-with-your-essence things that are actually unhealthy will make their inevitable exit.

And that’s not mentioning the amazing things that can now come when you make the space for the new. Letting go of things that no longer have a place in your life results in opening up space, time and energy for things that DO!  In my opinion, this is really what makes the investment of working with me worthwhile. 

Main Thing #4:
Contact with a Catalyst


If this feels like a Yes for you, there are a few compelling reasons to consider signing up nowish beyond the obvious, “The sooner you start the sooner you’ll be in alignment and flow.”

Reason #1: I am only opening up 4 spots to work with me 1-1.

At the time I’m writing two of them are filled. I covet my personal time and space and I won’t be adding more slots to my calendar once these ones are filled.

Chances are, those who apply for this, I will fall in love with and want to work with…so the sooner you and I meet, the more likely you are to get one of the spots.

Reason #2: I may not offer 1-1 coaching again.

I am moving towards doing all of my work live, in-person in a retreat setting. I want to be in intimate, physical contact with people and off of the computer. In my own business, that is what I’m building towards.

I offered 1-1 coaching for 1 year in 2010 (7 years ago). Then, I didn’t offer it again until 2015, when I opened myself up to working with 2 amazing Women Leaders. Now, I’m making 4 slots available. I never know what I’m going to do or not do in the future.

If you know that you and I need to work together, then this is your opportunity, my friend.

Reason #3: If I do continue working with clients 1-1, I will only be opening up new spaces when one of the current clients decides to move on.

I have no idea how often that will happen. If you don’t sign up now, I can’t guarantee when you’ll be able to get in.

Reason #4: If I do offer this again, it will probably be at a considerably higher investment.

Last year, when I decided to work 1-1 again, I set the investment at $11,000 for 8 sessions. If you think about it on a per session basis, that’s over $1000 per session.

Now, I’m offering the same transformation, on-going at less than half of that investment. Part of the reason I feel that I needed to lower the investment is because I’ve really simplified my life and business and I don’t need to make as much money now.

I wouldn’t be surprised if not too far down the road, I no longer feel aligned with keeping my 1-1 work at it’s current investment.



It’s important to me that you are only participating out of a true desire to work with me, and never out of obligation.

You are free to leave at anytime. If at anytime you decide that continuing together is no longer right for you, just let me know and we’ll cancel the next month’s payment.

I’ve done my best to lay everything out here in detail and, I have found that my relationships are most harmonious when me and others are entering into our work together with the most clear and conscious agreements possible.

For this reason…

To Apply Starts with a Conversation.

To apply for Intimate 1-1 Coaching we start with a brief conversation.

Just click on the link below, answer a few questions and book a time.

My 1-1 work is an act of surrender…where you and I both ride the current of wherever your session wants to take us. And magic transpires. The result is that you BECOME the work that you are here to share…and from that place of BEING the DOING FLOWS.

If we end up working together we will develop a deeply intimate connection that is based in love. It’s just the way it is.

Every session is an intimate love-affair.

So we will both be enriched on many levels by this connection. For that, I am already grateful.

Love and Beingness always yields the sweetest harvest.

​With love, Karen


You’ve read all this and you still have questions?

Book a chat with me using the 15-30 minute Free Chat option
Or contact me using the form below or by emailing

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