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This Business runs on Generosity...

Let me explain.

WHY? In the past I have fallen into the trap of greed and money-making as a driver behind my work. This has lead me to surrender my egoic desires for money/power and to follow the call of my Highest Self within. Intuitively I have received clear directions to follow this generosity-based format.

My focus is on giving 'flow' to the world through dance, yoga and coaching and I surrender the 'receiving' part of the equation. Surrendering in this way is a personal practice for me of trusting my Highest Self and all of Life. Thank you for participating in this form of exchange.

WHAT? This means that you are invited to give according to what is easy and makes sense for you right now in your life, and what you feel inspired to offer in exchange for the value you receive. 

HOW? When considering an amount to give, I invite you to use your intuition, your mind and your heart.

A Few Guidelines that May Guide your Decision:

  • Consider the value you have received and how much it is worth to you.
  • Consider your present circumstances and what makes sense, is easy and possible for you right now.
  • Consider your intuitive sense.
  • Please don't give too much, because that can lead to resentment and isn't sustainable for you or our connection.
  • Please don't give too little, because that can lead to feelings of guilt and isn't sustainable for you or for our connection.
  • And then, come up with a number.  Don't spend too much time thinking about it. Trust yourself.

Once you have a number that feels right, click on the link below and you can set your amount using my link.

Whatever you offer, I accept with gratitude.  

“From the moment I knew my Creator,

I  trusted my Provider.”

– Sufi Saying