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Beginning on Feb 18th, a small group of amazing people will be gathering for a process of discovering their genius. 

This is a beautiful, experiential, body-centred process, where you will come into contact with the essence of who you are as a unique, creative individual. 

The process is tender, powerful, fun and easeful.

I have had the blessing to share this with hundreds of people over the past 9 years. Everyone who completed the process walked away with a felt sense of their genius, as well as crystal clear genius statements that captured their Genius into words. 

I would love for you to join us.  

Over our 5 weeks together, you will be clarifying your Genius: your passion, your gift and your economic engine. 

For each aspect of your genius, you will easily clarify a short statement that you can use to guide your decisions about what to use your energy for in your work going forward.

The result is that you’ll more easily say Yes to the things that are right for you, and No to the things that aren’t. 

You’ll feel more at home in yourself, more in-tune with your ‘use’ to life and more confidence to be who you are.

The deeper truth is, I have no idea what the result of this process will be for you.

Aligning with the essence of their genius has lead my clients to make amazing changes over the years including: changing their offerings, switching countries, leaving marriages, starting relationships, having greater health and vitality, starting new businesses, ending old businesses, etc.  

Connecting with the pure essence of your genius is powerful. And it does have the potential to initiate re-alignment in your life.

The coolest part of this journey is that at the same time as discovering your genius, you will also be practicing a new way of being. 

The body-centred tools that you will learn in order to discover your genius are designed to put you into the ‘flow-state’.  From that state of flow, your body easily speaks the truth about what your genius is. 

By practicing this flow-state for 5 weeks, you will be flexing the muscle of body-awareness. You will be listening to and honouring your body’s wisdom.  This practice has it’s own rewards of calming the nervous system, connecting you with your truth and freeing up your energy.

Below I’ve outlined the details of what you get in this program, but at it’s core, it’s very simple. We’ll be meeting for 5 Zoom Calls, where I will walk you through an intimate process of self-discovery. At the end, you’ll come out more clear, aligned and refreshed in your sense of self.

Big hugs,


My work with Karen helped me get 100% aligned with my true values and purpose, and I’ve since been playing a bigger game and enjoying it more fully. I’m also making better decisions. Her work can be truly life-changing in the best of ways.
Ryan Eliason

Business Coach, Changemakers

Working with Karen was great. I always left our calls feeling expanded, deeply seen and supported. Karen is laid-back and committed to going deep. She is professional, vulnerable and REAL. That’s a combination that works great for me! She also has integrity, joy and so much love!.

Overall, I’m now more in power, more certain of who I am. I would definitely recommend working with Karen if you’ve ever felt out of place in a cookie cutter world and want to find your own gifts, genius and power. I’m so very glad I took this opportunity to grow with you, Karen!

Sara Arey

Business Coach,

3 Main Things that You Get in
the Discover Your Genius Process:

#1 Main Thing:  5 Intimate, Experiential, Self-Discovery  Calls 

Weekly Zoom Meetings (90+ Minutes)
February 18 – March 18th.  5 Sundays at 2 pm PST. 

Enjoy as I guide you into a state of ‘flow’ where you will discover your genius with surprising ease and clarity. This process is simple, pleasurable, easy and fun, while also being surprisingly illuminating and effective.

Week 1: Prepare to Discover your Genius

Week 2: Discover your Passion

Week 3: Discover your Gift

Week 4: Discover your Economic Engine

Week 5: Craft your Genius Statement, Integrate and Celebrate! 

All Calls are Recorded so that you can do our activities if you need to miss a call.

#2 Main Thing: Intimate Mastermind Facebook Community.

Our facebook group is where you can get the on-going feedback from myself and the group. 

#3 Main Thing: Additional Video Content

FaceBook Live

I will be offering additional content through Facebook Live videos in our private facebook group in response to questions that emerge through the process. 

As a past participant, I am grateful to you…

Since you have already invested in discovering your genius, I am grateful to you.  Your choice to invest in working with Discove your Genius supported me to be where I am today.

I would love for you to join our group and experience my direct facilitation and guidance through the process.  

And so, I am waiving the $300 USD tuition for all past participants of Discover your Genius and Your Genius Brand. For you, it’s free.

For me, it’s a chance to reconnect and give energy to our connection, having gone off and done my own thing for many years.  

For you, it’s a chance to be guided inward and connect with the energy of your genius, your deepest purpose and truest expression of self. It’s a time to re-align yourself with who you are.

My only request is that if you do decide to do this, that you make the time commitment to attend the calls and do the process fully.

To register, simply fill in your info below and I will send you all the call-in information, dates and details you need to attend. 

Sign Up Below to Register for Discover your Genius 

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