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Alchemy of Consciousness

Awaken to your True Role in the Grand Reorganization

You are being called to know and navigate your role in the global Grand Reorganization.  

Do you know what your role is? 

Are you clear on your next steps?  

Most importantly, are you taking them?

In this channeled book, you will find simple guidance on how to clarify your role and your next steps. 

In the process, you will encounter the separate self- identities that resist your deeper service. In order to dissolve them and fully allow consciousness to shine through you, you will need to undergo an Alchemy of Consciousness.

If you have the courage to go through a personal re-organization of your priorities and to follow your truth, then you can serve as a much-needed guide in the collective reorganization taking place right now on earth. 

Alchemy of Consciousness offers a delicate balance of comforting and confronting truths that bring grace to your process of awakening.  

It is an invitation into a simple practice to connect directly with consciousness, discover your role and dissolve the barriers that keep you from playing it.

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