Birth Your Body of Work

Bring into Form The Body of Work that is Only Yours to Share. 

For Naturopaths, Chiropractors, Doctors, Body-Workers, Coaches and Professionals Who Are Ready to Move Beyond their Modalities and Create an Offering Based on their Unique Genius.

Dear Professional (Naturopath, Chiropractor, Doctor, Body-Worker, Coach),

I am listening and I hear you.  I have heard the below from enough people in the last months that I am sitting up, paying attention and doing something about what you have been telling me.

This is what I am hearing and this is what I see that you need.

What I am hearing:

You feel that sticking within the expected confines of the modalities or profession that you have been trained in is actually keeping you deepest expression of purpose.

It feels inauthentic for you to just be a naturopath, doctor, chiro, coach, massage therapist, etc.  It’s starting to feel like wearing a too-tight jacket.

Or, it might be that the format for working that is expected of someone in your profession, feels confining.  For example, maybe you feel stuck having to build a practice that serves clients in one-off sessions that people pay X dollars for and then may not come back for a long while. 

Or, as a yoga teacher, that you have to get paid per class, or by class sessions and charge a certain amount.

You might not feel free to change the format and start delivering a different style of offering.  Or, you just don’t know how to change the format because everyone else in your profession is doing it according to the existing model.

And yet, at the same time you know that being a _______________(insert the applicable professional identity) is an important part of why people come to you, and IS a part of your purpose.

You don’t want to ditch your modality/profession entirely…but ideally, you would love to find a way to build on it and feel free within it.

What I see.

There are two things happening and both are true. 

  1. Your modalities/profession are essential and important foundations.
  2. Your current expression of your modalities/profession is limiting you from expressing your Genius.

Your modalities are an essential, important aspect of it is a part of the foundations that make up your training and expertise.  And, your modalities are NOT your genius, which is unique to you, and serves in a very particular way. 

Your Genius serves in a particular way in terms of WHAT transformation you dish up and also HOW you dish it up.

Most people like to think a lot about what they would like to deliver to their clients, for example, “I want to help people reach peak health states.” Or “I want to help women heal who have experienced sexual abuse.”

Getting clear on the transformation that you are here to provide is an essential and FUN step in the process of birthing your body of work.

But they don’t realize that HOW they dish up that transformation is also very important.   And this is often what stops people from actually delivering their work in the world.

In what format will you choose to help people along through their journey?  Videos, 1-1 sessions, monthly content via email, FaceBook group, membership program, intimate mastermind, etc.

The structure is what creates flow…both for you and your participants.  

Creating structure appropriate to you is one of my innate gifts; so is extracting your unique content.  Combine the two and “voila!” we have this program: Birth your Body of Work.

The below offering is an expression of this desire to help you birth a body of work that honours your human design, your nervous system, your material needs and your life’s work.

Please reach out if I can answer any questions that aren’t clarified below.


With love, Karen

I can barely remember how stressed, anxious and overwhelmed I felt back before working with Karen. I was overwhelmed. I didn’t know what my genius was to focus and empower my work as a naturopathic doctor. I was stuck in constant striving, constant working, constant effort, constant struggle, constant fatigue. I was so busy being busy that I didn’t even know what value I offered anyone.

Karen extracts the best out of me and has an incredible way of putting my rumblings into words.

For me taking my ideas and structuring them into such a clear message was really important and valuable for me. Her willingness to help me with the practicalities, such as setting up my webinar and teaching me Zoom, was also important.

I have far greater confidence in my work and how to deliver it since working with Karen. In fact, through our time together I have discovered what I’d really love to do instead of doing what appears to be the right thing. I feel more excited to step into my own power to own my knowledge and skills.

Leonie Blackwell

Naturopathic Doctor and Founder of the Essence Of Healing Institute. , Human Design: Projector

Birth Your Body of Work Includes:

90 minute 1-1 Sessions

The Process: Depending on what you need we will get together 1-1 for up to eight 1-1 sessions to excavate and create one aspect of your body of work.  

We won’t be following a specific formula, but rather, excavating from within you the content  and the structure that is most aligned for YOU.

Some Possible Themes that we May Cover During the Process: 

  1. Feel into your Genius, Your Personal Story, and Your Present Context to Explore the Transformation you Ignite.
  2. What is the transformation? Who is it For?
  3. Contextualize the Transformation – Personally and Collectively to Bring Power to your Body of Work
  4. Map out the Steps of the Transformation Journey
  5. Structure your Offering (Design a Simple Model of Delivery that Will be Calm and Easy on Your Nervous System)
  6. Describe your Offering with Oomph – Create a Free Presentation (Webinar, Interview, Video Series)
  7. Describe your Offering with Oomph – Create a Sales Page That Does the Work For You

From there, it will be up to you to invite people and deliver it.  

Working with Karen is magical.  She embodies a unique combination of intuition, love, generosity, practicality and business savvy, and she lives and breathes her gift of recognizing genius and bringing it into form.  If genius is a baby about to be born, Karen is a doula who facilitates the birth, recognizing and honoring the form the genius wants to take.  I enthusiastically recommend her 1:1 coaching — there’s nothing else quite like the satisfaction of sharing what is only yours to share!

Rhonda Mills

Embodiment Coach and Founder Evolutionary Yoga Collective. , Human Design: Projector

Book a quick Chat 

To work with me begins with a quick chat to see if we are a fit for working together.

Please read!  Important Pre-Requisite Criteria for Participation. I created this offering for those who…

  • People who have already discovered their genius, using the process that I created.  This is a foundation that we will be referring to throughout the process.  If you have attended Discover your Genius or Your Genius Brand, and have clear definitions for your Passion, Gift and Economic Engine, you are all set.  If not, The first 4 videos of Your Genius Brand are available here, on my website, under “Free Courses” and will walk you through discovering your genius. 
  • People who are looking to finally do things their way. Even if you have studied a lot of business in the past, you likely have not received the kind of support to explore these fundamentals in an intuitive, body-centered and authentic way.
  • People who value inclusivity and diversity enough to devote their resources (time, energy and money) towards creating greater equity and facing their own unconscious biases.
  • People who are primarily devoted to serving according to their Dharma (deeper purpose) even if it means making personal sacrifices.  Ie. this is not a business program guaranteed to make you lots of money. This is about gaining access to your deeper expression and putting it into the form that makes sense with who you are.
  • People who know that they are on the cusp of birthing their body of work. If you are on the cusp, you know it.  I created this for you.  (If you aren’t actually feeling that you are about to birth a body of work, this process could end up simply being frustrating for both of us).
  • People with highly sensitive nervous systems, and high energetic needs.  I tend to work with people who don’t fit into mainstream norms and need to embrace modified ways of working in the world that honour their human design and their nervous system.

Thinking about doing this, but still have questions?
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