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Discover what your Flow Archetype reveals about how you get into, and Stop, the Flow.

In case you missed it let’s start by seeing the big picture. There are 6 Flow Archetypes in the Love, Sex, Genius Model. Do you see them?

The 6 Archetypes relate to the 6 main points on the diagram:

Love, Sex, Genius AND Commune, Create, Contribute.

We all tend to favour one place- this is our go-to comfort zone.

Your comfort zone in the flow of Love, Sex, Genius reveals what Archetype you most often embody, and how you like to be in the flow.

Your dominant archetype reveals your gifts, your shadow and also, what you are most needing to get into the flow.

The Create Archetype – Sex + Genius

The Create realm is a combination of the sensual aliveness and power of Sex and the individual brilliance of Genius. It is very alluring and radiant to see someone in this archetype. When in this realm one is simply engrossed in doing their thing with flow streaming through them, illuminated by the purest energy.

YOUR ESSENTIAL EXPRESSION – Radiance:You easily express the essence of Radiance. This is radiance beyond looks and superficiality. It’s the radiance of life-force flowing through a person into individual expression.

You love to be in the process of creating something new. You thrive on stepping into the unknown and engaging in the unfolding of something unexpected. You are comfortable living in the space of mystery. You are creative through and through. Your creations are beautiful and alluring.

SYMPTOMS OF STUCKNESS FOR THE CREATE ARCHETYPE: You may at times feel that you are unworthy of love or that you aren’t loved for who you are, but rather, for your allure and creativity. You tend towards perfectionism in the aesthetic of your work. You are radiant and brilliant in your nature, and comfortable being seen for your creative spark. Sometimes you miss the more mundane moments of love and connection with others.

KRYPTONITE – Vanity: This kryptonite of vanity is about using the allure of your creativity to seduce to your own ends. One who grows accustomed to the magnetism of the create realm, realizes the power that their allure has. In its shadow side, the leader then begins to prioritize their allure and to focus on maintaining appearances.

The pure essence of creativity becomes a parody of itself, displaying pretense rather than a raw creative expression.

At it’s core, this vice arises because the Create Archetype deeply desires to be loved for who they are, as-is. However, you may have a shadow tendency towards using your allure to get attention, filling the gap of love that you are seeking from the outside. As a leader, this means that you may not be able to express the leadership that is being asked of you by Life if means that you might look bad, seem unpolished, etc.

CRAVING – Unconditional Love: You secretly crave to be loved unconditionally for who you are, and not for your sexual allure or your creative brilliance.

YOUR LIFESTYLE KEY – Love: What you most need to get into the flow is to focus on the realm of Love, dissolving any barriers, both practical and internal to giving and receiving love in relationships.

This means that in order for you to avoid cyclical burn-out, you’ll need to counter-balance your tendency towards prioritizing looking good, creating and perfecting your creations, with spending time with people who genuinely love and appreciate you as you are.

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