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Discover what your Flow Archetype reveals about how you get into, and Stop, the Flow.

In case you missed it let’s start by seeing the big picture. There are 6 Flow Archetypes in the Love, Sex, Genius Model. Do you see them?

The 6 Archetypes relate to the 6 main points on the diagram:

Love, Sex, Genius AND Commune, Create, Contribute.

We all tend to favour one place- this is our go-to comfort zone.

Your comfort zone in the flow of Love, Sex, Genius reveals what Archetype you most often embody, and how you like to be in the flow.

Your dominant archetype reveals your gifts, your shadow and also, what you are most needing to get into the flow.

The Contribute Archetype: Love + Genius

The realm of contribution is a combination of Love for others and the world and the unique expression of brilliance of Genius. When the uniqueness of Genius is focused with a loving intent towards others and the world at large, it naturally connects and makes a very generous and valuable contribution. This is Genius applied.

The person who naturally occupies the position of contribute is straddling both worlds of their full and unique individual self-expression, and is simultaneously in deep relationship with the other and the world at large. They are in-tune with their surroundings and act with a deep awareness of how their Genius can fit into the larger picture to make a contribution.

YOUR ESSENTIAL EXPRESSION – Generosity: You easily express the essence of Generosity. You have a lot to give because you’re tapped into the wellspring of creative Genius that pours through you, and you are focused on sharing this with the people you love.

SYMPTOMS OF STUCKNESS FOR THE CONTRIBUTE ARCHETYPE: Your go-to setting is to focus on output and productivity. You are likely either burnt-out or on your way towards it! You may even be experiencing some physical symptoms of illness. Your body is probably tense and tight. This is common for those focused in this area because they are so focused on their business, their next launch, the program they are delivering, managing their team and many other things, that they have neglected their body.

KRYPTONITE – Excess: Your kryptonite is Excess. You may have a shadow tendency towards excess, doing too much, for too many people and being overly preoccupied with earning and accumulating money.

The Vice of Excess indicates that a person is making use of the proceeds of their contribution for personal gain in excess of their authentic needs. It can be difficult to see this vice in a culture that glorifies and idolizes material wealth. Those that live in excess are using an amount of resources that is more than necessary or desirable. The ego self can easily convince us that our ‘wants’ are needs, and this is the seed of Excess.

Underneath the drive for productivity this person is operating from deep-seated feelings of insecurity that life won’t abundantly and naturally support them unless they focus on money-making.

CRAVING – Naturalness: You are quietly craving the naturalness of enjoying the simple pleasures of a healthy, vital body. After having a very big month-long nap, you crave to do a cleanse, get a massage, become a flexible yogi, dance, have sex, float in the ocean or sit quietly by a mountain stream! They want to be held by life, feel expansive and alive.

YOUR LIFESTYLE KEY – Sex: What you most need is to get back into the flow is to focus on the realm of Sex, re-developing your connection to your body’s cues and doing anything and everything to rejuvenate your sensual aliveness.

Lacking in the realm of sex means that you very easily slip into neglect of the physical body. This includes such things as forgetting to eat or exercise, not buying groceries or eating fast-food. Your body and physical aliveness isn’t your priority! You have important creative projects that require your time and attention.

The result is that you are very prone to physical burn-out. You don’t give yourself enough down-time to enter into a deep state of rest and relaxation…the kind of rest that nourishes on a deep level is something foreign to you.

You may lack the juiciness and raw sexual power that comes from being deeply immersed in your sensuality and your expression of masculine and feminine. Your immersion in sexual and sensual energies will likely greatly enhance your creations.

Lacking Sex, your creations can become brittle or stale, lacking true life-force. They may be repetitions of the past.

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