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Discover what your Flow Archetype reveals about how you get into, and Stop, the Flow.

In case you missed it let’s start by seeing the big picture. There are 6 Flow Archetypes in the Love, Sex, Genius Model. Do you see them?

The 6 Archetypes relate to the 6 main points on the diagram:

Love, Sex, Genius AND Commune, Create, Contribute.

We all tend to favour one place- this is our go-to comfort zone.

Your comfort zone in the flow of Love, Sex, Genius reveals what Archetype you most often embody, and how you like to be in the flow.

Your dominant archetype reveals your gifts, your shadow and also, what you are most needing to get into the flow.

The Commune Archetype – Commune: Love + Sex

To commune is to merge with something through love and sensual aliveness. It could be merging with a flower, another person, or with the divine. The end result is Oneness consciousness, the state when the illusion of a separate personal identity dissolves and there is only This Here Now.

ESSENTIAL EXPRESSION – Oneness Consciousness: You easily express the essence of Oneness Consciousness. This is the knowing that the “I AM” of you is all that is. You see yourself, your brothers and sisters and all of nature as One. You tend to be deeply connected to nature and naturally humble.

SYMPTOMS OF STUCKNESS FOR THE COMMUNE ARCHETYPE: You can experience low output and productivity in your business/work because you lack a clear sense of direction. You may sometimes feel too relaxed and at peace to be bothered to create something new, which although pleasant, you know at a deeper level is keeping you from contributing your Genius in a tangible way to others. You want to create something and make better use of your gifts, but you just don’t seem to have the motivation or clarity to get it together. You may feel that you haven’t found or aren’t fully expressing the unique genius that you have inside of you to your full potential.

LEADERSHIP KRYPTONITE – Indulgence: Your leadership kryptonite is Indulgence. You may have a shadow tendency towards indulgence in drugs, alcohol, food, videogames…anything that keeps you feeling good in the moment.

CRAVING – Brilliance: You secretly most desire the opportunity to express Brilliance through your work and to be recognized for your unique expression of Genius.

YOUR LIFESTYLE KEY – Genius: As an avid communer, your way of burning-out is through stagnation and indulgence. You may get burnt-out on resting and hanging-out too much. What you most need to get into the flow is to focus on the realm of Genius, understanding your unique passion, gift and contribution and putting it into use.

This means that in order for you to avoid cyclical burn-out, you’ll need to counter-balance your tendency towards prioritizing relaxation and comfort, with finding and expressing your unique Genius with zeal and vigor (especially if it makes you uncomfortable).

I invite you to watch your inbox for an email from me. Soon, I’ll be sending you your “Flow Diagnosis,” an email that outlines my custom recommendations for you in order to get back into the flow as a leader.  It’ll have the subject line: Commune – Your Flow Diagnosis.

I’m pretty much over-the-moon about this Love, Sex, Genius model and everything that I’m creating around it, so please feel free to reply to my email at anytime and let me know your feedback.

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