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1-1 Transformation with Karen

Let’s do the Inner and Outer Work Necessary (whatever the F#*$ it takes) to get you in the Flow in the Realms of Sex, Love and Genius.

1-1 Transformation Sessions

Where we lack alignment, we transmit a lack of alignment.

Where we lack flow, we transmit a lack of flow.

Somewhere along the line, the flow of your love, sexuality and genius may have gone stagnant or out of alignment in some way.

Maybe it’s been happening gradually… you are feeling less and less alive and in touch with the magic of life. 

Or maybe you’re dealing with some challenging circumstances right now that are throwing things out of whack.

Or maybe you’ve been ‘off’ and known that you are ‘off’ for a long, long time.

Or maybe you just sense that it’s time to shake things up and move into your next version of self-expression.

In any case, when one of these realms is out of the flow, it has a direct impact on the other two. 

And that lack of alignment, will make you unhappy, dissatisfied, and stressed…possibly even unhealthy. 🙁

And on a practical level, lack of alignment translates directly into unclear, unwhole and untrue marketing and sales. Which keeps your business from being able to easily flourish.

And when we’re able to shift into flow, it’s a huge relief!

In my view, we are designed to be in flow in all 3 realms of Love, Sex and Genius.

And that’s why I’m sitting to write you about my 1-1 Transformation Sessions.

Here’s the Nutshell: 1-1 Transformation with me is simple. We meet twice a month on Zoom (easy-to-use video conferencing) for intimate, body-centred transformation sessions.

As a part of our process, I will point you to audio and video content from previous programs that is relevant to what you’re going through or working on. In between sessions, you’ll be integrating your inner transformation and implementing what we work on together.

For example, some coaches/healers come to me to help create new programs, sales pages and speaking engagements. During our sessions, I will be guiding you to do that, and in between, I will be pointing you to your next steps to work through relevant content and to do your ‘homework’.

You can access me for quick feedback, celebrations and connection using a Quick Access Hotline between sessions. This is using Voxer, an app on your phone that allows us to send walkie talkie messages back and forth.

In short, the main deal is that you’ll be working closely with me over 3 months or more, which, history has shown, has a highly transformative, flow-inducing effect on people.


  • You want to cut to the chase and don’t have the patience or desire to be involved in a process of transformation in a group setting. (If you’re open to a group setting, I recommend that you check out The Flow Catalyst mentorship circle)
  • You value an approach centred in listening to the body, or you know that it’s time to start paying attention to what your body is saying.
  • You are deeply sensual and know that you can integrate your sensual/sexual self more fully into your life and work…right now, you’re somewhat under-wraps in this arena.
  • You love to take action and implement what you’re learning right away
  • You are open to the idea that symptoms presenting themselves in the physical body such as pain, discomfort and illness are linked to mental and emotional patterns…and that mental and emotional patterns can be un-done
  • You have a great sense of humour and enjoy laughing frequently!
  • You are independent and enjoy the freedom of doing your own thing, your own way. You don’t want me to hand-hold or care-take you…you are empowered.
  • You are prepared for significant changes and inner transformation. (I’ve been doing this long enough to know that this is the likely outcome of our work together)
My work with Karen helped me get 100% aligned with my true values and purpose, and I’ve since been playing a bigger game and enjoying it more fully. I’m also making better decisions. Her work can be truly life-changing in the best of ways.
Ryan Eliason

Business Coach, Changemakers

The portal into flow…

What is the anti-dote to lack of flow in the realms of Love, Sex and Genius?

How can we reliably move beyond conditioning into Flow with all of Life?

What solution do I propose?

Gentle Truth.

I propose that you and I gently and lovingly create the time and space for some deep listening, mine and yours, to you.  

I am gifted at creating the space for you to uncover deep answers revealed to you by your own body’s wisdom. At the same time, I receive and share intuitive guidance about how I see you moving forward on your path.  

I bring the Gift of Intimacy to each session. I have a natural ability to detect the conditioned barriers that are keeping you living as a separate, segregated self..and preventing you from coming into intimate contact with others and Life itself.

As we lovingly engage with those barriers, you will be amazed at how easily they dissolve, leaving you free and flowing in the creative cycle of love, sex and genius.

How we work together

#1 Main Thing:
Twice Monthly Transformation Sessions

90-120 minutes Via Zoom (video conferencing)

We will meet twice a month for Transformation Sessions.

In our Sessions we will do whatever it takes to get you into Inner and Outer Alignment in the realms of love, sex and genius…with ease.

We might spend the entire time in a creative vortex, re-working your marketing message and coming up with your next webinar.

I might spend 90 minutes guiding you to breathe and move and feel deeply some obscured and un-felt aspect your consciousness that has been so long neglected, you wouldn’t be able to be present to it without the guidance and support of someone holding space for you.

We might start off laughing about something that recently transpired that would only be funny to us, based on our previous coaching. Then move into a brief look at some aspect of your human design chart, followed by some deep healing and then out of nowhere birth an amazing idea for your next program.

We go with the flow of consciousness. That’s what I love about 1-1 transformation sessions…they can start anywhere and end anywhere. And there is always so much value in the journey.

Each of our Sessions is approximately 90 minutes, but could be shorter or longer depending on whatever happens.

You walk away with a Video Recording of every session…thank goodness. Because sometimes we come up with so much gold in such a short amount of time, that you’ll need to go back and take notes.

I am known by my 1-1 clients to begin channeling their sales and marketing copy. It just comes through me, usually in just the way that they would say it. And I can’t repeat it!

Get quick feedback and support when you need it so that you stay in the flow between sessions.

While you’re an intimate coaching client, you’ll have access to me via a “quick response hotline” app called Voxer where you will be able to send me text or voice messages for issues where you need five minutes or less of help. I’ll aim to reply as soon as I can.

#2 Main Thing:
Quick Response Hotline.

I’ll put this main thing last because it’s the least tangible but I’d like to make the case that this is the most valuable thing you get from working with me.

Let me explain. Learning about my Human Design has really helped me to see how much being a catalyst is built into who I am.

According to my Design, I’m one part Intimacy – the natural ability to break-down barriers to connection and 6 parts Self-Empowered Individuality – here to be a radical force of empowerment that helps people back to being their unique, individuated and not-conditioned self.

Basically this is what you’re inviting into your life when we work together:

Intimacy + Individual Empowerment = Some Sh#t’s gonna Change!

Your process of releasing past conditioning and unnatural ways of being that aren’t really YOU, is a natural unfoldment of our time together. Truly, when a client is ready, they can’t help but become more in the flow, more themselves and make changes when they come into contact with me.

I discovered this impact quite innocently when I first started coaching at the tender age of 25. My clients were doing things like ending marriages, quitting their jobs, starting new and daring businesses…in short, making RADICAL changes. At the time, it freaked me out. Part of me would gulp at my client’s fierce clarity: “I’m getting a divorce and moving continents.” “I’m quitting my job, leaving my partner and going back to school.”  But now, I know it’s par for the course.

Don’t worry. Nothing will change that doesn’t have a true place in your life. Only those unnatural, out-of-alignment-with-your-essence things that are actually unhealthy will make their inevitable exit.

And that’s not mentioning the amazing things that can now come when you make the space for the new. Letting go of things that no longer have a place in your life results in opening up space, time and energy for things that DO!  In my opinion, this is really what makes the investment of working with me worthwhile. 

Main Thing #3:
Contact with a Catalyst

The Investment

To put the investment into context, I have always placed a high value on my 1-1 work.  Last year, this same package was $997/month. And a few years before that, the investment was more than double that.

The Investment for Monthly 1-1 Transformation is $500/month

$500 USD/month with a minimum three-month commitment.

To explore if this is a fit, we start with a  quick Chat.  

Just click on the link below to book our conversation. 


Lowering your Risk:  You are Free to Leave Any Time

It’s important to me that you are only participating out of a true desire to work with me, and never out of obligation.

You are free to leave at anytime. If at anytime you decide that continuing together is no longer right for you, just let me know and we’ll cancel the next month’s payment. I do not offer refunds on payments that are already made.

I’ve done my best to lay everything out here in detail and, I have found that my relationships are most harmonious when me and others are entering into our work together with the most clear and conscious agreements possible.

For this reason…

To Apply Starts with a Conversation.

Just click on the link below to book a time.

My 1-1 work is an act of surrender…where you and I both ride the current of wherever your session wants to take us. And magic transpires. The result is that you BECOME the work that you are here to share…and from that place of BEING the DOING FLOWS.

If we end up working together we will develop a deeply intimate connection that is based in love. It’s just the way it is.

Every session is an intimate love-affair.

So we will both be enriched on many levels by this connection. For that, I am already grateful.

Love and Beingness always yields the sweetest harvest.

​With love, Karen

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