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Energetic Transmission

and Channelled Message

Receive an Activating Transmission from the Council of Light

In this 30 minute or 1 Hour session, you will receive an energy-healing transmission from the Council of Light.

Here’s how it works:

1) You’ll start by giving me some context of what is going on in your life that you would like help expanding or resolving.

2) I will explain the process and get your explicit consent to bring in the Council of Light.

3) I will begin transmitting the energies from the Council of Light. They run the show and show me exactly how to work with you.

4) From here, what usually happens is that they transmit a message about the energetic signature of your essence and whatever is blocking you from fully sharing that. 

Generally, the messages are simple, direct and actionable. In most cases, you will be able to ask questions after the initial transmissions.



My work with Karen helped me get 100% aligned with my true values and purpose, and I’ve since been playing a bigger game and enjoying it more fully. I’m also making better decisions. Her work can be truly life-changing in the best of ways.
Ryan Eliason

Business Coach, Changemakers

The Investment

To put the investment into context, I have always placed a high value on my 1-1 work.  Last year, my rate was around 500/session. And a few years before that, the investment was nearly double that. Nowadays, a one-off transformation session with me is $250 USD.

90 minute Sessions are $250 USD

Once your payment goes through I will email you the link to schedule.




  • You want to cut to the chase and don’t have the patience or desire to be involved in a process of transformation in a group setting. (If you’re open to a group setting, I recommend that you check out The Flow Catalyst mentorship circle)

  • You value an approach centred in listening to the body, or you know that it’s time to start paying attention to what your body is saying.

  • You are deeply sensual and know that you can integrate your sensual/sexual self more fully into your life and work…right now, you’re somewhat under-wraps in this arena.

  • You love to take action and implement what you’re learning right away

  • You are open to the idea that symptoms presenting themselves in the physical body such as pain, discomfort and illness are linked to mental and emotional patterns…and that mental and emotional patterns can be un-done

  • You have a great sense of humour and enjoy laughing frequently!

  • You are independent and enjoy the freedom of doing your own thing, your own way. You don’t want me to hand-hold or care-take you…you are empowered.

  • You are prepared for significant changes and inner transformation. (I’ve been doing this long enough to know that this is the likely outcome of our work together)