Women in Awakening

You are needed.
The time is now.


Love, Sex, Genius is a unique Self-Awareness Model that helps Women in Awakening to play their right role in the Global Re-Organization. 
And on a personal level, to get into flow in their relationships, health and work.

To use this model starts with understanding your Flow Archetype.


The innate desire and ability to have deeply loving and intimate connections with people.

When you're in the flow, loving is easy.

When you're not, it's really hard.


The innate desire and ability to express sensual aliveness through acts of communion with yourself, others, and all of life.

When you're in the flow, you feel alive and sensual.

When you're not, you feel dull, drained and disconnected. 


The innate passion, gift and contribution that only you can express.

When you're in the flow you are creating and contributing through your individual self-expression.
When you're not, your creativity is stagnant or forced. You're uninspired, unclear.

Are you a Woman In awakening?

discover Your Flow Archetype and how you can 

get into Flow in love, sex & Genius.

I’m Karen.

Let me share my secrets on how to get into flow.

Discover your Flow Archetype and get your customized Flow Diagnosis.